8 apps to help you stay organised at work or college

8 apps to help you stay organised at work or college

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Here are 8 tools I used to stay organised and help me concentrate when I was on my Apprenticeship that will help you to do the same! I also still use them in my full-time role now as a Digital Marketing Assistant.

There aren’t any apps that will fully eliminate hard work, but there sure are programmes that are extremely useful when it comes to improving concentration, productivity, and distributing and managing your workload. We know our list will have something that you’ll find useful… read on!

1. Slack

This is one for the team. Slack is a brilliant tool allowing you to communicate in either private messages with individual team members or in group chats. It’s great for project organisation and it also allows you to send files quickly and efficiently to one another. If you’re still writing individual slow emails to one another in your office, Slack really is a must-have. In our opinion, it is one of the most important applications on this list.

2. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular programmes on this list since it can be used for organisational purposes in almost any situation. If you’re setting reminders, uploading attachments, writing notes or organising photos, Evernote can do it all. It holds all your information in one place so you don’t have to have multiple applications open. You can even pin web pages/articles inside the app so your bookmarks bar doesn’t get too busy on your web browser! It’s a great tool to keep your workload easy to manage and your brain stress-free.

3. Hootsuite

Personally, this is one of the Applications I use the most. If you’re managing any type of social media page Hootsuite is a must have. It’s a base of operations for your social accounts, allowing you to post directly through it, schedule posts, view the analytics of how your posts are doing, and monitor all general social activity. You can also view your feed, mentions, followers, scheduled posts and other tabs all next to each other at the same time! This is what we use to manage our social media accounts and managing them has never been easier.

4. Rescuetime

When on an Apprenticeship you may be allotted time to complete college work, at work. To track how long I had spent on the college work over the course of the day I used RescueTime. If you had 2 hours for college work, you could just look at the clock at 10 and work until 12, but if you got interrupted you wouldn’t know how much time you had lost. But with this application it allows you to track exactly how much time you’ve spent in each programme. It’s simple and allows you to manage your time better and increase productivity.

5. Noisli

Do you work in a loud and busy office or struggle to concentrate when working at work or college? Noisli is a brilliant app that blocks out the background noise of people chatting by having a library of different background sounds such as waves, wind or rain.

6. Lastpass

I think we all have problems when it comes to remembering passwords sometimes even making them. LastPass manages all your login information and will autofill it for you. It also has a function that creates unique passwords that follow the best security practices.

7. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is an app that allows you to transfer files with ease. All you do is enter an email address to send your document to, and click the send button. It’s as easy as that. The best thing about it is that the file size limit is almost 2 GB, and if that isn’t enough you can pay to be able to transfer up to 20 GB! But In the two years of me using it I’ve never gone over.

8. Pocket

When you’re at work, or especially when you’re trying to do work at home, you always encounter irresistible articles and videos online that you want to watch. No matter how organised and devoted you are to completing the work, it happens to everyone. But with pocket, it allows you to save distracting videos and useful articles for later. You can tag all the links and docs for the purpose of good organisation and nothing you save will be lost!

Why you should be using apps

If you want to be the most productive you can be and save money and time, you should create an array of apps that’ll help you get things done quickly. The time it spends to set up these applications is way worth it. They’ll save you countless hours of slow work in the long run, but more importantly, they’ll save you countless hours of stress and frustration. Being efficient doesn’t mean working longer hours, it’s about making the most of the time you have! Make sure you download some of these programmes if you haven’t already, we use most of them every day!

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