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Leah found that studying full time was not allowing her to reach her potential, but felt concerned that if she decided to leave at 16 she would be left at an ‘academic stand still’. After speaking to one of her friends about the alternatives to full time education she realised that an Apprenticeship could be the perfect way for her to gain skills and confidence in the job market. Before beginning her Apprenticeship with Paragon Skills Leah was completely unsure of what career path she wanted to pursue. However, with a flexible Apprenticeship like Business Administration, Leah was able to start learning transferable skills whilst keeping all her options open.

Prior to becoming an Apprentice, Leah was described as an extremely shy person who lacked confidence. Her exposure to the work environment has not only helped her overcome her fear of leaving education early, it has also given her new levels of personal confidence to approach customers. Through her Apprenticeship Leah has been able to identify her own strengths and has proven to herself that her capabilities do not end at the classroom.

“I began my apprenticeship unsure of the career path I wanted to pursue but I am now becoming aware of my strengths and how I can put them to use to enable a stable and successful career within the future.”



In addition to full support from her tutors at Paragon Skills, Leah also received help with arranging her job interviews and received great assessor reviews. As a result, she was able to gain work experience as an Apprentice at an exciting fashion wear wholesaler in Manchester. The help Leah received through her Apprenticeship gave her the boost she needed to approach employment with confidence and has opened her up to a new world of professional opportunities.

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When I left school my future was uncertain without the grades needed to meet entry requirements, the apprenticeship provided me with a real sense of achievement and responsibility which I believe full time academic courses can’t provide.



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20 % of our learners progress onto the next level qualification
1500 The number of employers we work with in England
89 % of employers say apprentices make their business more productive