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P&O Ferries, originally established in the 1960s, is a British company that operates ferries from the UK to Ireland and Continental Europe.
The team at P&O Ferries needed to develop management style awareness and skills within their people and staff, and felt that the Paragon Skills Apprenticeship programmes gave them a portable skill for their people, and when accredited, had extra credibility.
Taking on Apprentices helps them to deliver skills for their future with succession planning, and the programmes builds the knowledge, skills and capability to position the individual for future opportunities within the company or elsewhere.

P&O Ferries had a specific goal – to deliver a flexible accredited programme that would meet the needs of their business, would develop their staff, impacting how they work with a supervise others. They felt that this would influence employee engagement, would affect the customer experience and the company’s reputation – affecting their profit. This was all positively achieved with Paragon Skills.

We used Paragon Skills to select our first ever apprentice. It was a step into the unknown for P&O Ferries. The support provided by Paragon Skills was first class and it was pleasing to see our apprentice mature in to valuable full-time employee. Paragon made sure they understood our business needs and requirements. This was reflected in the quality of candidates they introduced to me to. I am now very pleased to have taken on our second apprentice and know that the level of service and commitment will be there again.


Every company has a different plan for their Apprenticeships. P&O Ferries have a statutory requirement within shipping to have Level 2 qualifications. The Paragon Skills Apprenticeship programme was the best way to achieve this, delivered flexibly on their own premises and in line with their own ship roster.

P&O Ferries felt that working with Paragon Skills credible tutors who they trusted helped to deliver the standard that they required. Paragon Skills also understood their particular business and the individual issues that they were present during training.

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“We are still in the early part of the course, but I would like to think that we finish with more confident supervisors. I think it would be a good thing if this course gave them more confidence on their won abilities outside of work.”



Why Choose Paragon?

20 % of our learners progress onto the next level qualification
1500 The number of employers we work with in England
89 % of employers say apprentices make their business more productive