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Wyke Farms has been family farming in the heart of Somerset for over 150 years. They have been making award-winning cheddar from Grandmother Ivy’s recipe for generations. While making a range of cheeses and butters, they are an ever-growing company and have enjoyed success – winning 81 awards since the beginning of the year. The team at Wyke Farms feel that with taking on Apprentices, it is a good way to invest in people, as it gives them good stability in their career future and gives them the opportunity to better themselves.

Wyke Farms didn’t have a particular goal with the Apprenticeships, but did want to nurture the Apprentice ‘seeds’ that they had planted. They feel that the course that the Apprentices complete give them more confidence in their own abilities, while improving the strength of the middle management team.

“We are still in the early part of the course, but I would like to think that we finish with more confident supervisors. I think it would be a good thing if this course gave them more confidence on their won abilities outside of work.”



Every company has a different plan for their Apprenticeships. Once the course at Wyke Farms is completed, manager Greg Conway hopes that the staff feels that they are able to make decisions with confidence, as at present he feels that they lack confidence in their own abilities, so seek reassurance from higher management.

Wyke Farms felt that no challenge has been too great for Paragon Skills. Occasionally some staff members had got to the point where they felt that the course was too much for them; on these cases Paragon Skills offered them support and guided these individuals through their decisions.

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P&O Ferries had a specific goal – to deliver a flexible accredited programme that would meet the needs of their business, would develop their staff, impacting how they work with a supervise others. They felt that this would influence employee engagement, would affect the customer experience and the company’s reputation – affecting their profit. This was all positively achieved with Paragon Skills.


Why Choose Paragon?

20 % of our learners progress onto the next level qualification
1500 The number of employers we work with in England
89 % of employers say apprentices make their business more productive