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Build your Business through Apprenticeships

Having a well-trained and effective team is the foundation of a successful business which can thrive in good or challenging times. The value of an employee who is able to ‘hit the ground running’ from the very beginning is vital to establishing and growing your business. Apprentices can develop that rare set of skills and competencies and fit into your organisation seamlessly which is not only a great relief for you, your business and colleagues, but one which is going to add a great deal of value to your business by keeping customers happy and attracting new loyal customers.

Trained not created!

Talented workers aren’t just made though, they’re trained and apprenticeships provide exceptional training. There are a variety of apprenticeships available which offer competencies in a range of skills. Apprenticeships enable your business to take on a young person and train them your way, in your processes, company culture and structures. What better way to build your workforce than to bring talented and enthusiastic new employees into your organisation and mould them into a skilled employee. Employing apprentices builds loyalty as your Apprentices know that you’re prepared to patiently train them and invest in their future.

Upskill your existing staff

Apprenticeships are also a great way to upskill your existing workforce.  Enrolling your staff on relevant Apprenticeships such as Business Administration, Customer Service, Management and Team leadership courses will help them to gain qualifications and accreditation which will enable them to boost performance in their own roles and progress into other higher roles. It’s well known that gaining a qualification boosts morale and provides encouragement for employees to progress in their career and work harder and more efficiently.

Your business benefits from your employees studying towards a practical qualification which actively helps them to do their job more effectively, and any training that your Apprentices undertake is relevant and worthwhile for your specific business. Add to that the benefit of having motivated passionate employees who love doing their job and feel valued by an organisation which is prepared to invest in them and you’ve got a winning formula.

Employing apprentices improves your bottom-line

Having an apprentice working in your company pays dividends because you will get an enthusiastic worker who is loyal to your business. Moreover, you’ll have someone who wants to invest in their future by making your business more successful. Apprentices know that if your business is doing well, they’ll have a greater chance of a permanent role at the end of their Apprenticeship. One of the great bonuses of Apprenticeships is that they have a positive impact on the entire organisational culture.

On the job training

Enabling your employees to learn on the job reduces any disruption to the organisation. Employees are able to gain accreditation for tasks they already do and to improve how they work. It’s a well-known fact that an organisation which invests in its staff can improve motivation and reduce employee turnover through greater job satisfaction and increased loyalty to the company.

Apprenticeships on the rise

If you are an employer with fewer than 50 employees, the Government will pay the full cost of training Apprentices aged 16 - 18. If you are non-levy paying employer (with a PAYE bill of less than £3m), then the government will pay 90% of the cost of training for any Apprenticeships.

“The government has committed to an additional 3 million Apprenticeship starts in England by 2020” and is investing in increasing the quality and quantity of Apprenticeships.” Gov.uk

Since April 2017, employers who have a PAYE bill of over £3 million have had to contribute to the Apprenticeship levy pot. If you are a levy payer, then it makes sense to maximise the amount you are paying by using that money to invest in your workforce by resourcing and training new talent, and upskilling existing staff.  So why not invest in your business, and invest in Apprenticeships? By doing so you’ll be investing in the future, your future and your employees’ future. After all, in the words of Zig Ziglar -

“The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them!”

About Paragon Skills

  • Established in 1998, Paragon Skills is the sixth largest training provider in England, with over 4,000 learners currently engaged in learning programmes.
  • They are a national provider of work-based training and have positioned themselves as the SME local private training provider of choice.
  • Offering intermediate and advanced apprenticeships and the additional ability to offer bespoke training, which is relevant to individual companies.
  • All training programmes are delivered by qualified and experienced industry professionals, with programmes that are role-relevant and industry endorsed.

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