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National Apprenticeship Week - How Employers Can Get Involved

17 February 2017

National Apprenticeship Week 2017 

National Apprenticeship Week 2017… how employers can get involved

The 10th annual National Apprenticeship Week will be on the 6 to 10 March 2017 where the nation will celebrate apprenticeships across all industries and all levels!

It’s a great opportunity to generate some great content and buzz so we’ve pulled together a list of 10 ideas on how to get your business involved plus some useful hash tags to help exposure:

#GetInGoFar #NAW2017 #BAC17  #LadderOfOpportunity #madebyapprentices and remember to tag us in your posts @paragonskills @Apprenticeships so we can retweet !

  1. Celebrate past apprentices that are still with you now and the success they have had.  Share their stories on social media during NAW2017 - remember to use the hashtags
  1. Organise a job swap / back to the floor experience where a senior manager spends a morning shadowing an apprentice or trainee and they swap in the afternoon, so the apprentice/trainee gets the opportunity to find out what it’s like to be a senior manager for a few hours!  Make sure you capture this for both internal and external PR and comms.  Maybe you could film it or get the participants to blog / write up their experience 
  1. Ask some of your apprentices or trainees to start a video, Instagram or Twitter diary of their day to help create content for your website and social media channels. 
  1. Host an event with your supply chain or other organisations in your sector/network to encourage those that don’t currently have apprentices or offer traineeships to consider introducing them. Add your events to the National Apprenticeship Week events map
  1. Arrange a ‘Made by Apprentices’ open day at your premises for visitors, where potential apprentices and their parents can get involved in the opportunity to see first-hand the contribution apprentices make to your business through a guided tour of your workplace. Don’t forget to tweet about it using the hashtag’s above and even invite your local media - this would be a great local news story
  1. Take photographs or produce a short film of your apprentices in the workplace with items they have made or services they are responsible for and tweet or post on Facebook using the hashtags
  1. Promote and run a ‘Have a Go’ event. Again - a great opportunity to engage with your local press 
  1. Enter your apprentices into the WorldSkills UK Skills Competitions 2017. The competitions are run in over 60 skills across a range of industries Skills Show, which runs annually. Watch out for WorldSkills UK Skills Competitions 2017 registration 
  1. Invite a teacher and some year 9-11 pupils from a local school to job shadow some of your apprentices in the workplace
  1. Visit and present at a local school with some of your apprentices to educate pupils on the benefits of apprenticeships and the potential opportunities available. School resources are available on gov.uk and also on www.amazingapprenticeships.com


We're sure you will have lots of you own ideas too!  We’d love to hear about your activities and support you in any way we can.

Good luck!