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What were your motivations / reasons for starting an Apprenticeship programme with Paragon Skills?

My motivation for starting my Apprenticeship was that in my setting there is very highly qualified staff who have their level 2, and 3 in childcare but are going on to do their team leading and play work qualification they never stop training and bettering themselves. I would like to go on to do my level 3 but am considering improving my Maths and English before this as the functional skills tests I completed and eventually passed has given me the confidence to go further.

My manager is very supportive to all of the staff in the setting and will support anyone training by giving us time with our assessor and guiding us through the criteria we are stuck on. My manager Caroline Wood also won a certificate form Paragon last month for employer of the month as Jackie my assessor knows how supportive she is.

What have you achieved / gained / accomplished / benefitted from as a result of the training?

I have just completed my qualification this week and I am so proud of myself I just want to go around hugging everyone. I feel pride in myself I have English as an additional language and I feel I represent to my Polish parents in the nursery a can have a go attitude. If I can do it I may inspire them to do a qualification and gain new knowledge to. I feel I am of value to my colleagues and it has built positive working relationships in my setting as I have built new relationships due to more experienced staff supporting me during the qualification.

Did you have to overcome anything in order to achieve your Apprenticeship?

I had to practice for my tests in particular the reading as I could read the passage fine but I sometimes struggle with the understanding of it due to a slight language barrier. I also struggled with the ICT functional skills but was given support by a tutor, also by Jackie Saunders and Jackie’s line manager Ross Howard even came out to support me on one occasion. It is nice to see a training company work as a team and I felt more than a learner they needed to get finished I felt they wanted me to succeed in my goal.

What is unique, special or inspiring about your story of achievement and success?

I feel that I could inspire new members of staff the same way as the more experienced members of staff inspired me and motivated me to gain a qualification.

What are your career and training plans for the future?

I now know I can work in any nursery setting with my level 2 as I am now more employable however, I love my setting I am in and at the moment I have no plans to go anywhere. I will go on to do further training and will give this some thought after the summer holidays as I work term time only and would like to enjoy the summer with my children.

What would you say to someone considering taking up an Apprenticeship?

You should do it and then you would have the lovely feeling I have right now of satisfaction, feeling valued and of being more educated. I love telling people I am a level 2 nursery nurse and my picture at work now states this in the hall way for all to see.

Would you recommend Paragon Skills to someone considering an Apprenticeship, and if so, why?

Paragon have been outstanding and they have supported me every step of the way I would not consider doing my level 3 anywhere else. I would recommend Paragon without a doubt.

About Paragon Skills

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