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Automotive Apprentice Sarah Ball's Journey

Sarah Ball is a learner here at Paragon Skills and she is in her first year as an Automotive Apprentice on a level 2 course.

Sarah went straight to college after school and completed an NVQ level 3 course in Engineering. However, she always had a personal goal to get involved with motorsport, so she chose to do a Level 2 course in the Automotive sector with Paragon Skills and she combines one day a week day release at our Bournemouth Campus with 4 days a week working for a local Mercedes dealership.  She could have taken the University route to get into the Motorsport industry, but she prefers the more practical aspects of an Apprenticeship.

She is currently working on a personal ongoing project at home to restore and fix and old Triumph Spitfire. This project is helping her gain further skills that she can carry across into her college work and use to develop her personal skills for later in life.

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