Our training, your way

Nu Staff of Bournemouth are a family business that have been providing quality health care in the community since 1968. Paragon Skills have been their training provider for the last four years and we are really proud to be working together and respect their dedication towards providing highly trained care workers for their clients.

Nu Staff work with private clients and also partly in association with the Bournemouth Borough Council. They employ 30 – 35 staff at any one time and ensure that their employees are focussed on continuous training in order to offer the best service to their clients.

2017 has been a great year for training, with 6 learners achieving their health and social qualifications already this year.  Sam Brock – their dedicated Paragon Skills Personal Tutor received many compliments from Nu Staff’s Manager – Carla Snow when discussing this achievement.

“Sam has really gone the extra mile with our learners and is an assessor/tutor that we can really rely on. She has given a lot of her time and commitment to the team by understanding everyone’s individual learning needs and adapted the training accordingly.”

The learners that have achieved this year are:

Vicky Brazier – Senior Home Carer has been working for Nu Staff for nearly 4 years and has just completed her level 2 QCF Diploma in Health and Social Care. For Vicki going back to the academic work was a challenge at first, but with Sam’s guidance she managed the work and learnt a lot on the way and more than anything is very pleased that she has achieved.

Samantha Hash-Troudi – Care Supervisor has been working for Nu Staff for over 9 years and has just achieved her level 3. Samantha enjoyed the training but found the computer work challenging as she is not a regular typist. Her Personal Tutor adjusted the training so that Samantha could submit the work and undertake the assessments in written form which really helped. Samantha now has plans to undertake some team leading and management training to support her supervisory role.

Katarzyna Kowalska - a Senior Carer who has just completed her level 3. Kat for short already completed her level 2 for a previous employer and was pleased to take her training to the next level with Nu Staff where she has been working for the last 2 years. Kat found that she learnt more in-depth information on the level 3 especially regarding dealing with situations and the administration of medication which really help her in her day to day work. Next Kat would like to undertake some leadership and management training also.

Kerry Upward – Compliance and Care Co-ordinator has been working for Nu Staff for 3 – 4 years and has achieved her level 3 qualification in health and social care. Kerry hadn’t previously studied the level 2, but based on her work experience she was able to start with level 3.  Kerry’s job ranges from being out in the field caring, plus keeping the care plans and rotas up to date. Kerry is keen to take her level 5 qualification in the future.

Liz Smith – Senior Carer and on-Call Coordinator has been working for Nu Staff for 2 years and previously worked for the NHS for 30 years.  Liz had previously undertaken her level 2 qualification whilst working for the NHS, so was pleased to be able to continue her training onto the next level 3 with Nu Staff. Liz would like to take her level 5 qualification in the future also.

As well as being an employer dedicated to training their teams, Nu Staff are also sponsors of the Proud to Care Award. The Proud to Care Campaign is an organisation that raises the profile of care and support in the industry, and Nu Staff recognise the commitment and care provided by their own team and all that work in the care industry. You can find out more about Nu Staff here: https://www.nustaffimageplan.co.uk/

So it’s a huge congratulations to all that have achieved, and we look forward to working with you and your team over the coming years.

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