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Apprenticeship Partnership

intu own and manage some of the UK’s most popular retail and leisure destinations and their 14 centres are at the heart of communities, offering compelling experiences for everyone.  As a large business intu employs over 135,000 people in the retail market and attracting and retaining skills and talent is essential for keeping up with the evolution of the industry and making customers smile.

Building a talent pipeline

We’re delighted that intu have chosen to work with Paragon Skills to deliver their Apprenticeship training programme, which includes customer service at its core to ensure that their national apprenticeship programme is delivered consistently right across the business.  intu believe in the value that the training adds to the business, and how it helps to build a talent pipeline that contributes to the long-term success of the business and wider industry.

As the retail landscape evolves to combine more leisure, entertainment and dining, as well as a blending the digital and physical shopping experiences, the career opportunities in retail begin to broaden. With such range of skills required to deliver a contemporary shopping centre experience, intu are focussed on providing Apprenticeships in general support to running a shopping centre business as well as in more technical areas of maintenance and operations. 

Training skilled employees

The training that we’re delivering to intu will ensure that their apprentices grow confidently into qualified and skilled employees that are motivated, and contribute to the high-level range of skills required to run a successful shopping centre business. 

Paragon is delivering a variety of qualifications to the new Apprentices as well as existing staff. In addition to intu's successful Apprentice programme, we are working together to map out a management development programme and a graduate programe. 

intu chose us to deliver their apprenticeship training programme because of our experience and our professionalism as an organisation. 

"Paragon have a professional and can-do attitude which has helped us to create an apprenticeship programme that is consistent across our business – we couldn’t have done it without them."

intu Shopping Centres

You can find out more about intu and the location of their shopping centres via their website.

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“92% of employers said that their Apprenticeship programme better motivated staff and increased job satisfaction.”

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About Paragon Skills

  • Established in 1998, Paragon Skills is the sixth largest training provider in England, with over 4,000 learners currently engaged in learning programmes.
  • They are a national provider of work-based training and have positioned themselves as the SME local private training provider of choice.
  • Offering intermediate and advanced apprenticeships and the additional ability to offer bespoke training, which is relevant to individual companies.
  • All training programmes are delivered by qualified and experienced industry professionals, with programmes that are role-relevant and industry endorsed.

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