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Bud - A complete solution for the management and delivery of Apprenticeships.

Paragon Skills is very excited to launch Bud - the next generation online learning platform and learning management system (LMS) designed to provide a complete solution for the management and delivery of Apprenticeships.

In response to feedback from our clients and Apprentices, we began our partnership with Bud Systems ahead of the planned introduction of Apprenticeship Standards in 2017 to become part of the Creation Team, to provide a high-end intuitive LMS and online learning platform ahead of the market.

The system is designed to meet the government’s pledge to keep employers in the driving seat, yet provide their Apprentices with the relevant range of skills, knowledge and behaviours for their business, using cutting edge technology.

Ian Bamford – COO

As part of our overall strategy for targeted technology in learning, Bud enables us to truly customise our Apprenticeship offer. We can design high quality programmes to meet our clients’ business needs whilst providing a high level of learning for our Apprentices.

Ian Bamford – COO

Paragon Skills

End-to-end solution for the delivery of Apprenticeships

Bud offers an end-to-end solution for training providers, employers and Apprentices alike. Bud enables us to truly customise our Apprenticeship offer and we can now design programmes as unique as our clients’ business needs and wants. We can map our clients’ in-house training programmes to Apprenticeship Standards and Frameworks, and design customised remote learning sessions that embed interactive Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) to meet legislation.

As we offer a blended delivery approach to Apprenticeships, combining face-to-face workplace practical training, with remote learning (online and paper-based), Bud enables us to record and monitor all aspects of training. 

The Bud platform enables our Apprentices to record each completed activity, be it a face-to-face learning session with their Personal Tutor, in-house training provided by their employer, or a self-study task on their individual portfolio. This progress is recorded through learning completed, activities completed, off-the-job training hours completed and progress towards the completion of their chosen Apprenticeship Framework or Standard. Recording progress is no longer restricted to the unit of an embedded qualification.

Interactive platform maximising learner engagement potential

Bud is an interactive platform that enables the Apprentice and Personal Tutor to keep in touch via a messaging service on their own homepage that is fully auditable and GDPF compliant. The system notifies both parties when progress is scheduled to be completed and when evidence such as an assignment has been uploaded for the Personal Tutor to review. 

Bud enables us to report on the Apprentice's regular progress visits by Personal Tutors, providing complete visibility regarding the Apprentice's progress and learning activities for the client. Our internal audit and quality teams regularly sample Apprentice portfolios in line with our quality improvement framework, which ensures a consistent and high-quality learning journey.

If you have any question about the new Bud platform or Apprenticeships in general, please contact us today. Call 0800 783 2545 or email: enquiries@pgon.co.uk.