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Apprenticeships have seen many changes within the last few years with one of the most notable being the introduction of the Apprenticeship standards. The shift in focus away from theory based learning to practical means that your learners will not just be reading up on the rules and regulation which make up your industry, but will be getting hands-on experience doing their jobs side by side with hairdressing, barbering and beauty industry experts.

Is an apprenticeship the right pathway for your business training needs?

A new apprentice will need your time allocated to them to ensure they have the best possible start in their new role. You must pay your apprentice’s fair wages, and the role must help them gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to achieve the apprenticeship with your support.

The government is offering additional support to organisations with fewer than 50 employees. 

Which courses will meet your current skill requirements?

There is a range of courses you can use to training your team, or yourself.

Courses you might consider which could also provide a benefit are customer service, leadership and management or even accountancy training. You can find a full list of our apprenticeships on our train your team page

Who is the perfect candidate for the Apprenticeship training?

Apprenticeships have been designed so that anyone can take advantage of them, but ultimately you will need to decide if you are looking to up-skill yourself and your current team or look at taking on a new Apprentice.

Up-skilling - Your current team trained to meet your skills requirements - also showing your team that you’re committed to their continued development within your business.

Hire an Apprentice – Speak to your training provider about advertising a new vacancy, they will manage all of the advertising and list your vacancy on several third-party recruitment sites including through the find an apprenticeship service (.gov website).

Want to talk to someone about starting your Apprenticeship programme today?

These are of course just a few of the considerations you would need to think about an Apprenticeship to meet your training needs, contact us if you have any questions relating to this section or all thing Apprenticeships.

You are not required to pay National Insurance Contributions for apprentices under the age of 25 on earnings below the higher tax rate of £827 a week (£43,000 a year), and you could be entitled to a £1000 payment from the government - if you take on a 16- to 18-year-old or a 19- to 24-year-old who has previously been in care or who has a local authority education, health and care plan.

Contact our Customer service team today with any questions you might have about how to integrate Apprenticeships into your business, and you can contact us on 08007832545.