Our training, your way

Want to know how Paragon Skills stays above the curve when it comes to Apprenticeship delivery? Through our amazing people, places and the technology we use including Bud, the Apprenticeship management platform. 

Bud aligns our applicant management, programme creation, e-portfolio, workforce & learner reporting and funding management into a single app-based tool which ensures everything we do is efficient, effective and compliant.

Bud helps Paragon Skills to enable learners, their employers and their personal tutors to make the most of all aspects of their Apprenticeship programme. With complete visibility of the entire apprenticeship programme at the outset, and the ability to check progress consistently, it’s simple to keep track of learners progress and ensure the right support is supplied when needed. Here are our five favourite things about Bud. Get in touch today to find out how you can benefit from this unique technology by partnering with Paragon Skills.


Five favourite things about Bud

1. Elegant and intuitive

So easy to use it feels instinctive. Developed in conjunction with Paragon Skills, special attention has been paid to the unique ways in which we operate making it simple to complete essential tasks within Bud.

2. No need to wait

Bud is available on phone, tablet or laptop, supporting our remote workforce of expert tutors to set activities and update user records wherever they are. Enabling tutors to get learners enrolled instantly drastically reduces the time it takes from selecting an Apprentice, to the individual actively working towards their Apprenticeship qualification.

3. Effective, consistent communication

Sign up meetings and reviews can be scheduled remotely, and tutors can constantly communicate with learners between visits. For the learners, employers and tutors, reviewing learner progress via Bud allows each party to be completely prepared for each learning experience (whether remote or face to face) with their Paragon Skills personal tutor.

4. Employer view

Employers can continually check on their learner’s progress to keep track, offer support and ensure the best outcomes for their learner and their business. Any customisation an employer made to their programme during the programme design is built into Bud and will effortlessly guide learners through their programme.

5. Engaging programmes

All programmes and relevant activities are loaded into Bud and are regularly updated with new information to bring the learning to life, and keep learners engaged and excited. This includes full programme details, links to articles, webinars or video content. 


If you’d like to understand more about Paragon Skills and how we deliver outstanding apprenticeships through incredible technology, get in touch via enquiries@pgon.co.uk or call 0800 783 2545.