Our training, your way

Have you felt ‘put off’ at the thought of footing costs for training an Apprentice only to see them move on to other employment after their Apprenticeship?

While this can be a key concern, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, we say look at this logically. All staff have this potential risk attached to them, but who would you prefer to focus your time and budget on? An employee who has the skills but would jump ship if a better offer comes along? Or your Apprentice who with be with you for the length of their course and beyond, trained with your companies ethos and goals at their core.

Apprenticeships and staff retention

Apprentices are reported to be more loyal than other employees with 69% being more likely to stay on at a company for a longer time period after completing their Apprenticeships. A survey of 555 employers in England has found that more than half (56%) of employers offering Apprenticeships say that Apprentices stay with a business longer than other employees. Apprentices see their Apprenticeship as a stepping stone into further training or operational progression.

In the research conducted by the National Apprenticeship Service, of the 555 employers, 59% say loyalty is down to the quality of the training provided, and more than half think it's down to the fact that apprentices can learn and grow in the business from start to finish.

There are costs attached to Apprenticeship training. However, there are also several benefits your business is likely to see as a result of having an Apprentice on your team. You can find out more on the benefits of Apprenticeship to your business by clicking here. (Link to benefits Post).

Apprenticeships are now part of 1000’s of businesses across the country who are focusing on the development of their people and consistently attracting fresh new talent to their business through this route. So how can you work this into your existing business plan?

Do you have a learning and development plan?

If Apprentices make for loyal staff members why not set out a learning and development plan to start up-skilling your current staff members, showing you're committed to their continuing progression and in turn make them feel even more appreciated.

A good training provider will be able to work with you to start this process and help you explore all route on areas such as how to increase staff engagement or how to ensure you're hiring the right people for each role.

What will this mean for new learners?

When an Apprentice starts at your company they will follow the same recruitment processes for induction, and training as anyone else you recruit, however, Apprentices know that the training they gain will support them in their role in your employment, and also help to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours they will need for their career ahead. Be this with the goal of promotion within your organisation or they are using the Apprenticeship as a stepping stone into the industry.


*Based on statistics for people aged 25 to 34 - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38828581