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Are you getting ready to start your Apprenticeship?

For many, the transformation from school or college to the working environment can be a great leap. In the formal working environment, you will need to be self-motivated, organised and able to manage your work and your time, instead of relying on your teacher to remind you of the work you have to complete. Don’t worry, as daunting and confusing as that sounds we’ve got 10 tips on how to you can thrive in your new Apprenticeship job role!

1. Be prepared

Make sure you research the company that you’ll be working for so that you have a good knowledge of what they do and how they work. It will give you more confidence when first starting and will help ease any nerves. If they have a website, be sure to give it a browse, there may even be a ‘meet the team’ section where you’ll be able to learn a bit about the people you’ll be working with!

2. Remember your transferable skills

Apprenticeships are all about developing transferable skills as much as they are about learning new technical skills. Transferable skills are ones such as time management, communication skills and team working. These are all skills which you will need to put into practice in most working environments. Again, you can learn from more experienced employees and develop these skills whilst on your Apprenticeship.

3. Make an effort with the team

Working is a completely different atmosphere to being in school, so you may feel out of your comfort zone at first. Try and make an effort to talk and get to know your fellow colleagues. This will allow you to learn the ropes of the company faster, and it’s a great way to break the ice and establish a good connection with people!

4. Make a fresh start

Make sure to get a lot of rest the night before your first day so you start the day fresh and focused. Even if you don’t normally sleep a lot, get into the routine of having a decent night’s sleep so that you can stay alert during the day. Work is a lot more tiring than school and you will need to learn to concentrate for longer periods with fewer breaks!

5. Be well-organised

This doesn’t necessarily just mean in the workplace, you need to be organised when planning your journey to work so that you’re on time, especially if you’re relying on public transport. If it’s your first day, give yourself plenty of extra time to get there. Also, don’t forget to bring a notepad and pen as you’ll probably be taking quite a few notes!

6. Be presentable

Your first impression is the most important impression you’ll make, so make it a good one. Make sure you wear the appropriate clothing for your job role. Obviously, each workplace will require different clothing and will have different expectations. For example, in a Business Administration role you’d be smart (Shirts, ties, dresses, etc…). But in an Automotive workshop, you’d most likely be supplied with tops or overalls.

7. Be enthusiastic & positive

If you always try and show enthusiasm in everything that you do. Managers will be looking out for those showing interest, and if you approach the role with the right attitude, it could lead to you getting more involved with future projects. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and always show that you are willing to go the extra mile to do a good job.

8. Keep focused on your progress

Always remember your Apprenticeship is primarily about your learning experience. Try and get regular feedback from the people around you about your strengths and weaknesses, and constantly think about what you want out of your Apprenticeship and where you want it to take you in the long run. Also, keep an eye out for any development opportunities the company may offer.

9. Learn from experienced colleagues

When it comes to gaining experience and making things habit, the best advice you can get is from the senior staff members. These are the people who have made it up the ranks but started in the exact same position you’re in. Try and make some mental notes about how they deal with people, speak to colleagues and organise their time.

10. Always ask questions

Everyone has to start in the same place. As a new Apprentice, you will not be expected to know everything, that’s very far-fetched. But you will be expected to ask questions to find out all that you don’t know and it also shows that you’re interested. Never feel bad about asking any question. It’s better to ask and be sure rather than making a silly mistake.

If you are interested in learning whilst you are earning a salary, gaining valuable work experience and nationally recognised qualifications, then have a look at our Apprenticeship Vacancies and see what opportunities are available in your area.