Our training, your way

The new Marina and Boatyard Operative Apprenticeship is now live at Paragon Skills, and we are starting our first block of apprentices in June. 

Delivering a variety of operations and services that include vessel handling, Marina and Boatyard Operatives can be an existing member of your staff or someone new to your organisation. The apprenticeship takes over 18-24 months and a large amount of it will be delivered in the workplace, therefore, your employee will not need to travel or attend days at college. The Marina and Boatyard apprenticeship is at least 95% funded, and in most cases fully funded.


Marina and Boatyard Operatives roles will require the following:

  • Operatives deliver a variety of operations and services that include vessel handling such as lifting, launching, high pressure washing off and the storage of vessels ashore and the berthing and movement of vessels on the water in accordance with company policy.

  • Operatives must work in a safe manner, complying with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and other information and guidance. This will help ensure the safety of vessel users, staff and visitors, along with ensuring the safety of vessels and property within the marina /boatyard confines.

  • Operatives use a range of equipment; they engage with customers, other staff, external contractors/suppliers, and visitors, and this is undertaken in a polite and helpful manner.

  • Operatives conduct regular maintenance activities and checks around the marina/boatyard and this may include work on pontoon systems, buildings, storage cradles, along with maintenance and checks within public areas and wider facility buildings.  

  • Depending on the size of the marina/boatyard, operatives report to the site manager or departmental line manager.

  • Operative tasks require team working, for example boat lifting.

  • Operatives are expected to work under their own initiative and can undertake lone working outside of normal office hours, acting as the sole representative for the site/organisation.

  • Marina and Boatyard Operatives may undertake specialisms in retail, fuel, rigging, or lock and bridge operation.  


To find out more or register your interest, email enquiries@pgon.co.uk or call 0800 783 2545.