Our training, your way

Failure is not something any of us like to be a part of, and even though we all know the importance of learning from our mistakes, it can be hard for us to recover after a big blunder. No matter if it was down to a project that didn’t meet its targets or a key deadline which was missed, you need to know what you can do to bounce back, and even see it as an opportunity.

Pinpoint what went wrong

Have the errors/issue highlighted - Make sure you take a break, step back and see where it went wrong. This is the first step to understanding how you can ensure this is far less likely to happen again moving forward.

Shift the Focus

At some point, it’s also important to move on from analysing the failure and start thinking about what comes next. After a break, start pushing yourself to be more strategic, open-minded, and think about how you will avoid similar mistakes in the future.


Make sure that all areas where issues like this happen are tracked in some way so that you are able to make plans surrounding the issue. This could be further training, a Personal Development Plan, or just a short training course on time management.

There are a number of apprenticeships here at Paragon Skills that will give you this type of knowledge, skills and behaviours. For more information call 08007832545 or email enquiries@pgon.co.uk.