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Skills mismatches are something that every Manager needs to be aware of. In particular, it’s important they know how to spot and resolve any skills issues they might come across. We have written a number of blogs on the topic of having the right people in the right role; but how do you make sure that they are able to remain in their roles and careers with your business when working in an ever-changing technological world?

At the simplest level, skill mismatches refer to a failure of skill supply to meet skills demand. Mismatches, depending upon their intensity and scale, can be damaging to both you and your staff.

A recent report by ‘Advisor Plus’ suggested that HR teams seem to be affected by a skills mismatch. Of those surveyed by the publication, 63% of HR professionals believing their team's digital capability could be considered only “intermediate”. This is despite the fact that 70% of HR professionals expect their workplaces to be fully digital by 2025.

Large numbers of UK HR staff have been in their careers for many years, and despite their continuous professional development, because of the rate of innovation, there may be more they need to learn. 

The report highlighted three options that may be suitable to resolve this type of skills mismatch:

1 - Hire new members

Hiring new people will your team can be costly, and time-consuming so making sure that you have the right person starting with the right skills is crucial. Experiment with your approach to recruitment by changing your recruitment consultant or advertising in new places, attending job fairs and put the word out there on social media.

2 - Focus on staff retention

If your business is struggling to find new talent, it can’t afford to lose the knowledgeable workers it already has. Work hard at creating a culture that encourages people to stay, and this doesn’t have to mean more pay – flexible working, or recognition through increased annual leave, for instance, can be just as attractive to some.

3 - Training courses or Apprenticeships

Some small scale skills mismatches can be resolved by having a staff member attend a short course on the topic, however, like most HR departments you might be seeing not just one change but multiple. This is when an Apprenticeship will be able to help, it will provide the learner with the latest information and training around all areas of this new digital environment.

When on Apprenticeship your learner will be given the latest information and training surrounding the integration of technology into their roles and department. Our personal tutors are experts in their fields and will ensure they are working closely with both your learners and business to ensure any and all skills concerns are covered, and an apprentice can be someone new to your business or a current staff member you want to upskill.