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As an employer, you need to do a lot to stand out and attract the most inspired future talent to your business. If you show you're dedicated to helping new potential recruits find their success through the power of apprenticeships you will attract and retain talent for your business.

What is the most important factor for business success? People. People make up the essence of any company and are the faces, voices and minds behind all your company decisions, interactions and strategies. Building a team of skilled, talented and dedicated professionals is essential to the success of any business.

Develop talent for your organisation through Apprenticeship programmes 

As Apprenticeships become an increasingly prevalent way to recruit and develop talent across all sectors, there is a much greater level of competition vying for the attention of school and college leavers. As an employer, you need to stand out and do much to create an Apprenticeship package to attract the most inspired future talent for your business.

Why are Apprenticeship programmes attractive to employees? 

For school and college leavers, an Apprenticeship programme offers a route for continuing education at no cost to themselves, as opposed to other expensive higher education opportunities which often leave students with large student loans to repay and not necessarily better career opportunities.

In addition to gaining nationally and often internationally recognised qualifications through Apprenticeships, Apprentices will gain professional work experience and a salary at the same time. Whilst this is the general argument for apprenticeships Vs University, it should provide employers with key leverage points by which to attract talent.

Offer a package that can’t be refused 

Salary will be a deciding factor

Whilst employers are required to pay a minimum wage to Apprentices, offering above that will make you stand out from other employers and ensure that your programme is more attractive. Apprentices realise that they will earn a low salary whilst they are still training but knowing that they are not at the absolute bottom of the salary rung will help. Also make it clear that as their experience increases, there is a potential to earn more.

Perks matter

Think about what is important to your potential Apprentices, and find out what competing employers are offering. Is it free private medical, or free mobile phone insurance and shopping discounts online? Is gym membership important to them? What about a ride to work scheme as many school leavers won’t yet have passed their driving licence, or be able to afford a car yet. Really highlight these perks when you communicate your Apprenticeship programme to catch the attention of the most ambitious candidates.

Career progression opportunities

The reason that schools and college leavers often decide to start work instead of choosing higher education options is because they want the work experience and are keen to get ahead in their careers. Talk about what can happen after the Apprenticeship, and what job roles and salaries Apprentices can progress to. What they want to hear is that the sky is the limit so give examples of previous successful Apprentices if possible and promote the maximum possibilities.

Communicating your Apprenticeship programme

Your training provider should be able to help with the recruitment process, but there is much you can do yourselves to increase awareness of your Apprenticeship programme. At Paragon Skills, we have over two decades of experience with Apprentice recruitment and we are always developing new ways to communicate and engage with potential candidates, be this via new social channels, forum posts, career evenings or open days.

In addition, we work in partnership with GetMyFirstJob.com to deliver an effective Apprenticeship vacancy filling service and ensure that we match the right candidates to the right employers nationally across various sectors.

Influence new potential talent online

Think about where potential future Apprentices go online to search for career opportunities and who their influencers are. Use these social channels to communicate the benefits and perks of joining your organisation above and beyond others.

Another idea is to build good relationships with local schools and colleges so that when it comes to careers fairs and talks, your organisation is on the tips of the tongues of organisers and you will be presented to school leavers as an opportunity.

Not only should you be communicating your vacancy across social media channels and blogs, but you could also do some GEO targeted paid advertising listings. By spending a little on advertising your Apprenticeship roles, your organisation could end up hitting the jackpot with the right candidates.

If you would like to find out more about how Paragon Skills can help you to develop an Apprenticeship programme to ensure the future talent pipeline for your organisation, please contact us on 0800 783 2545.