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Choosing your apprenticeship sector

Apprenticeships offer career opportunities across so many sectors these days, and not everyone is aware of the possibilities. They have become more important to the development of skills across the UK, and following government reforms over recent years, the standards are higher and the variety of options is greater than ever. With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to list and explain the sort of opportunities available to apprentices today.

It’s important when choosing your sector that you think about the type of work you'd like to be involved in. For example, are you naturally communicative and sociable? Are you happy to be around people all day and enjoy engaging with them? Perhaps working in hospitality, customer service, or retail would be a good fit. If you’d prefer to work in a more quiet and concentrated way, business administration, IT, or accountancy may be a better option. Or, if you’re technical and practical, you should consider apprenticeships in automotive or engineering.

To help you decide, we’ll talk you through the options available for each sector.


Automotive apprenticeships offer opportunities to work in a dynamic and constantly developing trade, an environment where you can see your newly-found skills put to good use and know that you are keeping vehicles safe and on the road. You’ll also be learning skills and techniques that will provide you with a lifelong vocation. This sector suits people that are practical and enjoy working with their hands, and will often involve whole days working on your feet.

Business Administration

Business administration apprenticeships open doors to many different career options with excellent prospects for learning and progression. Organisations of all sizes in all sectors require support from administrators, and that is why taking an apprenticeship in business administration offers endless career opportunities.  As a business administrator, you will be working quietly and calmly but still be required to work and communicate with various teams in businesses of all sizes. It suits someone who is well organised and able to work in a team.

Childcare & Education

Childcare & Education apprenticeships offer opportunities to work in caring and positive environments helping the development of young toddlers and children. You will learn skills and techniques that will provide you with a lifelong vocation through the apprenticeship qualification and work experience combined. A passion for working with children is required, of course, and a degree of creativity and patience is also essential.

Customer Service

Apprenticeships in the world of customer service offer the opportunity to work in an exciting and interactive role where positive communication and efficiency are key. You will learn skills that ensure you are the confident face or voice of a company in addition to honing your business and organisational skills. It’s important that you are helpful, resourceful, and excel at communication in a customer-facing role.

Boatbuilding & Marine Engineering

Apprenticeships in the world of boatbuilding and marine engineering are opportunities to work in innovative and developing environments with others that are highly skilled in an established, invaluable industry. You’ll also be learning skills and techniques that will provide you with a lifelong vocation. Technical skills are important here, and you must enjoy working physically on often challenging projects with a variety of materials.


To be a hairdressing apprentice, you must, of course, have a creative flair, be sociable, and enjoy communicating with clients. You'll learn a wide range of cutting techniques, how to shampoo and condition hair, style and finish hair, and work with different types of hair. By becoming a hairdressing apprentice, you’d be joining a thriving sector responsible for nearly 1% of the UK’s economy, so there are definitely enough opportunities and jobs around!


You’ll be working with clients all day with a Barbering apprenticeship, so being sociable and having a creative flair are important qualities. You will learn how to cut hair using barbering techniques, shampoo and condition different types of hair, style and finish men’s hair, and undertake shaving services for men. A barbering apprenticeship is also the perfect first step towards opening your own business if you’re interested in having your own shop.


A Beauty apprenticeship can be very diverse. You should be sociable, really enjoy working with people, and have a creative and caring side. You’ll learn the ropes of a busy working salon, gaining transferable skills like how to serve customers and how to work well in a team in the process. You'll be learning how to provide facial skin care treatment, enhance eyebrows and lashes, carry out waxing treatments, provide manicure and pedicure treatments, develop and maintain your effectiveness at work, promote additional products and services to clients, and ensure responsibility for actions to reduce risks to health and safety.

Health & Social Care

Health and social care apprenticeships provide great opportunities for career progression in the health and social care sector that is rapidly expanding due to an ageing population. You will learn skills and techniques that will provide you with a lifelong vocation, and enjoy a career where you provide valuable care for others. It’s really important that you are patient and enjoy helping people, and you also need to be resourceful and organised.


Apprenticeships in the world of hospitality offer you the opportunity to work in one of the UK’s biggest employment sectors in establishments such as restaurants, bars, hotels, holiday resorts, and nightclubs. This is a world that offers diverse working environments where communication, customer service and quality are vital factors for success. 

Leadership & Management

Leadership & Management apprenticeships help to develop skills that are integral to any business. They are ideal for aspiring professionals taking their first step into line management, and for those with some experience of managing a team on an operational level who would like to improve their knowledge and skills further. All team training is delivered to ILM standards and applicable for any employee currently working at a supervisory level within a wide range of sectors.


An apprenticeship in Accounting allows you to develop a range of skills. Skills to do with accounting, soft skills and experience in general office processes. Also, since you would’ve already gained experience whilst completing your AAT qualification, you can directly apply for a MAAT straight after, increasing employability! You will really enjoy working with figures, have a natural flair for numbers, enjoy working as part of a team and be very organised with good attention to detail.


The construction sector offers a variety of roles, from welding to stonemasonry. Jobs in construction could be ideal for you if you’re a practical person and are interested in how things work and are put together. Expect to be working in all kinds of environments inside and out, and with many different materials.

IT & Marketing

Digital Marketing apprenticeships are opportunities to gain good online marketing skills and a strong understanding of social media which is an ever-changing and prominent part of our daily lives. Apprentices also learn how to read analytics and develop design skills used to make posts for social media channels. You’ll need to be a bit creative and analytical to work in digital marketing, and good organisational skills and motivation are a key part of creating effective campaigns.


Apprenticeships in the world of retail are opportunities to work in extremely diverse and varied environments with a vibrant young workforce and gaining experience that is transferable to any retail business. You’ll also be learning retail skills and techniques that will provide you with a relevant skills for life.  Working with people all day means that you'll need to be friendly and sociable, be prepared to be on your feet all day and good sales skills are a must.

There is a very broad range of apprenticeships available. For the full list, follow this link: https://www.se-apprenticeship.co.uk/types-of-apprenticeships.php

If you are interested in learning while earning a salary, gaining valuable work experience, and nationally recognised qualifications, then have a look at our Apprenticeship Vacancies and see what opportunities are available in your area. For more help, please contact us at 0800 783 254.