Subcontractor Policy for the year ending July 2024

Paragon Skills – Rational for subcontracting and supply chain fee policy for the year ending July 2024

We will consider the use of subcontractors where required in order to gain access to a range of resource and expertise by working in partnership with highly respected organisations to provide specific technical training as part of our Apprenticeship offer.

Our primary aim for subcontracting is to fill gaps in expert provision where specific technical knowledge is required, or where such expertise can enhance and enrich the teaching and learning experience. We will also consider subcontracting arrangements which will provide alternative delivery mediums such as specialist online delivery, or local classroom delivery, which better enable us to meet the needs of our learners and employers by providing enhanced facilities or better geographical access for our employers and apprentices.

As lead provider we will always as a minimum:

  • Hold the primary relationship with each Employer
  • Directly enrol all learners ourselves to ensure consistent eligibility checks, induction and provision of independent advice and guidance
  • Assign a Personal Tutor to every apprentice who will have prime responsibility for the delivery of the apprenticeship and the overall achievement of the apprenticeship
  • Use our own learning management system to support the delivery of the apprenticeship and ensure the effective management, monitoring and quality assurance of each apprenticeship
  • Conduct regular progress reviews with Apprentices and Employers
  • Quality assure all delivery including that of subcontractors through, quality monitoring, observations of teaching, learning and assessment, Learner calls and interviews.
  • Provide access for all subcontractors and Apprentices, support and guidance on all matters related to safeguarding, Prevent, E&D and general learner safety and wellbeing through our outstanding IncludED strategy.

Current Subcontracting Partners

Company Name                   UKPRN

First Intuition Limited        10056738

Subcontractor Fees

A proportion of the fees are retained to support the management and monitoring of the subcontractor, quality monitoring and for the provision of our outstanding IncludED programme. These fees are calculated based on the actual cost of providing these services for ourselves and they are applied directly proportionately to the fees paid to the subcontractor.

Details of Fees:

Activity Funding Retained How this contributes to delivering high quality training
Management and Monitoring of the Subcontractor 12.0% of Income This includes administration, learner management systems and ILR data systems, performance monitoring, performance management reviews and annual due diligence. These activities contribute towards the delivery of high quality training by ensuring that KPIs are met, delivery is in line with expectation, best practice is identified and shared, and where performance is not in line with expectation that remedial action is agreed and implemented effectively.
Quality Monitoring 4.4% of Income Quality assurance of delivery, quality monitoring, of observations of teaching, learning and assessment, Learner calls and interviews, quality improvement planning and support.
Access to IncludED 0.5% of Income IncludED is our outstanding Safeguarding, Prevent and E&D strategy. It includes regular briefings (snippets) as well as access to support and guidance on all matters related to safeguarding, Prevent, E&D and general learner safety and wellbeing.
Total 16.9% of Income Total funds retained by the Lead Provider for the Management, Monitoring, Support and Quality Assurance of the Subcontractor.


Policy last updated: 20th September 2023

Updated by: Steve Candlish – Head of Funding and Compliance

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