Inspiring people to succeed.

Our Pledge:

"To deliver outstanding teaching, learning and assessment to every learner, every time"

Our values: These are the guiding principles that support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what Paragon Skills’ values most. They are important to us and are what we strive to deliver every day.

Our message to Apprentices: We want you to succeed and more than that, we have the experience, the skills and the passion to help you do just that. We can create a programme that is right for you, your role and your employer. We can inspire you to achieve, to create your own opportunities and to enjoy your own unique career path.

Our Personal Tutors know the industry you are training in and they understand the challenges you are facing. They have confidence in you, in your abilities and in the experience, skills and prospects Paragon Skills can offer you in conjunction with your employer.

Speaking to employers: When we work together everyone benefits. Apprenticeships really do offer a positive opportunity to improve your business; to attract new talent, train your staff, and to ensure that you have a qualified and committed team to deliver the best to your customers. Here at Paragon Skills we have years of experience, we have seen it work, we’ve seen the difference it can make and we’re excited to be a part of it. If you’re considering employing Apprentices or would like to upskill already valued members of staff, then we can help.

We firmly believe that if it doesn’t make a difference, then it’s not worth doing. So call us today and discover the difference that working with Paragon Skills can make to you.


We used Paragon Skills to select our first ever Apprentice. It was a step into the unknown for P&O Ferries. The support provided by Paragon Skills was first class and it was pleasing to see our Apprentice mature in to valuable full-time employee. Paragon made sure they understood our business needs and requirements. This was reflected in the quality of candidates they introduced me to. I am now very pleased to have taken on our second apprentice and know that the level of service and commitment will be there again.


What gives us the Edge?

97 % of our learners would recommend us to a friend
1400 + The number of employers we work with in England
89 % of employers say Apprenticeships make their business more productive