Aldermore Bank gift £60k apprenticeship levy to Sandcastle Care

Sandcare Care gifted £60k levy to aid apprenticeships

Aldermore Bank gift £60k apprenticeship levy to Sandcastle Care

Working in partnership with leading apprenticeship provider, Paragon Skills, Aldermore Bank has gifted approximately £60,000 in unspent levy funding to support apprenticeship training to Sandcastle Care, a residential childcare provider. Redistributing unspent levy funding by investing in a local childcare business, covering their training costs, supporting growth, and boosting the local economy in the region demonstrates the bank’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and determination to give back to their community, supporting those businesses who are most needed locally, and have been hit the hardest by the pandemic.

Aldermore Bank is financing apprenticeship training for Sandcastle Care to upskill workers and hire new apprentices, who may not otherwise be able to afford training. This investment will help to raise the visibility and profile of much-needed apprenticeship training in the childcare sector for the area, as well as provide opportunities and support to these apprentices and Sandcastle Care to upskill their workforce and develop much-needed skills.

The funding has been provided out of the Bank’s Apprenticeship Levy Pot and has been gifted to Sandcastle Care to improve their business through apprenticeships; Sandcastle Care has used the funds to hire 10 apprentices studying Level 5 children, Young People, and Family Manager Programmes; their learners are now a part of Sandcastle’s succession planning and are expected to become registered managers in the future.  Sandcastle Care, based in the North West of England and West Yorkshire, are a residential care home provider focusing on delivering high quality, nurturing childcare in small, homely environments.

Childcare teams are handpicked for compassion and experience, who all care deeply about ensuring that each young person in their care has the best possible chances in life to grow and develop. The organisation currently have 52 homes, taking care of over 100 children and young people, who in many cases, have experienced trauma at early development stages in life; Sandcastle Care offer a safe, nurturing and caring environment, as well as the use of a purpose-built therapeutic model of care designed by leading therapists to give those in their care the best quality of life possible.

Sandcastle Care is in partnership with Paragon Skills, providing high-quality training, and addressing personal development and gaps in the workforce.

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