Adult Care Worker – Level 2 apprenticeship

In recent years, care worker apprenticeships have risen in popularity among many demographics. Whether you’re a school-leaver, or an older learner looking to retrain, care apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in the health sector.

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Who is suitable for an Adult Care Worker Apprenticeship?

Whether you’re looking for a gateway into the care industry, or if you work in care and are looking to further progress your career, this apprenticeship is a great opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge.

Our Adult Care Worker Level 2 Apprenticeship is an ideal gateway to a career helping adults with care and support needs. With the support of an apprentice, patients can begin to live independently.

Possible job titles include, but are not limited to:

  • Care Assistant
  • Care Worker
  • Support Worker
  • Personal Assistant
  • Relief Team Worker
  • Support Worker – Supported Living
  • Key Worker in Residential Settings

To work in care is to make a positive difference in someone’s life. When someone is faced with physical, practical, social, emotional, or intellectual challenges, care staff are there to help. Adult Care Workers need to have the right values and behaviours to provide high-quality compassionate care and support.

Key apprenticeship information
  • Suitable For
    This apprenticeship is suitable for: Anyone working in a health and/or care setting
  • Suitable For
    Title of embedded diploma/qualification Level 2 Diploma in Care
  • Suitable For
    End-point assessment organisation: Innovate Awarding
  • Suitable For
    How long will this apprenticeship take to complete: 12 months apprenticeship + 8 weeks End Point Assessment
  • Suitable For
    Cost: Non-levy employer contribution (5%) - £200 & levy paying employer contribution - £4000
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What will you learn on the Care Worker apprenticeship?

You’ll learn about the importance of delivering person-centred care, safeguarding treating people with respect and dignity, and promoting the health and wellbeing of those you work with. The course will help you improve your communication skills and understand how to progress your own professional development. You will develop the values, behaviours, competencies, and skills needed to support adults facing physical, practical, social, emotional or intellectual challenges and make a positive difference in someone’s life.

As an Adult Care Worker, you will learn the necessary planning skills to support not only the development of those in your care but your own personal development as well. Our apprenticeship will ensure that you have the best team to provide the best and most consistent care to every individual you support.

What is the Difference Between a Care Worker and a Care Assistant?

When discussing the work of care assistants and care workers, it can be easy to get the two mixed up at first glance.

The biggest difference between the two is that care assistants are trained to use more equipment and machinery, such as hoists to aid with patient movement and mobility. Care workers are more focused on monitoring patient’s nutrition, hydration, personal hygiene, and medication intake.

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Immersive learning

What is immersive learning?

Immersive learning refers to the use of technologies and techniques to provide a more engaging and interactive learning experience. These technologies can include virtual reality, augmented reality, and simulations. When used in healthcare, this approach allows learners to practice and master various medical procedures, clinical scenarios, and patient interactions in a safe, controlled, and realistic environment.

With the help of immersive learning, learners can hope to improve their clinical skills, decision-making, and communication abilities. Ultimately leading to overall better patient outcomes and experiences. Additionally, immersive learning can also enhance medical education by making it more accessible, efficient, and flexible, enabling learners to acquire knowledge and skills at their own pace and convenience.

Included scenarios:

  • Working as a carer in a residential care home
  • Working as a senior carer in a residential care home
  • Working as a carer in a domiciliary role
  • Dealing with a fallen individual in a community setting

We partner with a wide range of care providers to support those most in need

Our Apprentice Stories

Here at Paragon Skills, we strive to make our apprenticeships a meaningful learning experience for all our learners. Read stories from our passed apprentices on their thoughts post-apprenticeship:

“I was only going to spend a few months in care until I figured out what I wanted to do, but I soon realised I loved it. The biggest challenge was the functional skills tests (the maths and English), but my Personal Tutor was brilliant. There was no such thing as a stupid question”

Neil Baxter, Level 2 Adult Care Worker

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What Qualifications Do You Need to Apply?

With any Level 2 apprenticeship, there are no qualification requirements to be met. However, it would be preferred if the applicant has an English and maths GCSE.

This changes as the apprenticeship levels get higher, as for an advanced level apprenticeship the learner may be required to have 5 passed GCSEs (or equivalent) including English and maths.

We are rated as a ‘Good Provider’ by Ofsted

When learning with Paragon, you will benefit from our 20 years of experience and accreditations. We are fully committed to getting you the best education possible for your chosen sector.

Optional first aid for mental health skills and awareness


Our apprenticeship programmes now offer an optional self-development section. This section focuses on promoting awareness of mental health and equipping apprentices with the necessary tools to support their peers who may be experiencing ongoing challenges with their overall mental well-being.


Optional first aid for mental health skills and awareness
Self-study package – 2-3 hours of directed self-study

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