Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Level 3 apprenticeship
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Heavy Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Level 3 apprenticeship get in touch find out more Marina & Boatyard Operatives Level 2 apprenticeship
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Marine Engineering Level 3 apprenticeship
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Commercial courses
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If you are a potential learner and want to find out more about our apprenticeships, view our information page.

award-winning automotive apprenticeships

Automotive businesses are a vital part of the UK economy. So, it’s no surprise that the industry helped start the careers of millions of people through apprenticeships.

At Paragon Skills, our Automotive apprenticeships in Light and Heavy Vehicles, as well as offering a series of commercial courses including F-Gas, IRTEC and MOT Training can help you to bring new team members on board or upskill existing employees. 

All these programmes are taught via remote sessions and from our dedicated training facility in Bournemouth.

award-winning marine apprenticeships

The marine industry is at the forefront of innovation, pioneering new technology, world-renowned craftsmanship and a world leader in design. Marine apprenticeships allow individuals to join this exciting industry or upskill if they are already a part of it and bring new ideas to keep the industry innovating.

The latest apprenticeship programmes have been designed in association with the UK’s leading marine organisations including Sunseeker, Princess Yachts, The Pioneer Sailing Trust, and the RNLI.

At Paragon Skills we offer intermediate and advanced level apprenticeships in the boat building & marine sector.

All these programmes are taught in your workplace, via remote sessions and from our dedicated training facility in Bournemouth.

professional apprenticeships to underpin your business

Professional services underpin your business whether it’s the recruitment of new employees, delivering exceptional customer service, or creating a positive culture through strong leadership, we have a program to support you.

All evidence is mapped into THE CQC fundamental standards and inspection framework, the Care Certificate, British Values, the End-Point Assessment, and Care Standards, to ensure the delivery of our curriculum aligns with the requirements. Evidence gathering is relevant/ realistic and not generalised.

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Your employees will have their own dedicated Personal Tutor who will meet with them via remote 1 to 1 sessions, at your place of work or at our academy where appropriate. Their Personal Tutor will be available throughout the course to teach, monitor progress and prepare learners for their end-point assessment (EPA). Our Personal Tutors’ approach to training is flexible, allowing us to work with the learner in the way that works best for them.

Where there are multiple learners with one employer, workshop/group delivery may be suitable.

These can take place either via remote or face-to-face sessions dependant on your place of work, style of working & schedule. Remote or face-to-face sessions can take place, dependent on your place of work and your employee’s preferred style of working.

Learners are expected to carry out self-study using Paragon Skills’ collaborative learning platform, Bud.

Learners have access to their Personal Tutors via email, telephone and Bud.

ongoing support

You will receive full support from our experienced Client Services and Operations teams before, during and after each apprenticeship. Our team will help you measure the impact of your apprenticeship programme, provide regular progress updates, invite you to exclusive events and ensure you are supported to maximise the benefits of apprenticeships for your business.

Our training expands on the job role by offering pastoral support to all our learners as well as offering advice and guidance. With an emphasis on care and social responsibility, our learners progress through our programmes confident enough to face any challenges.