Become Unstoppable

Become Unstoppable

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So, you’re in the middle of a pandemic, and about to find out your final grades for your GCSEs, A-Levels, BTEC or other qualification. How are you feeling about it? You might be feeling nervous, worried, angry or confused about what comes next. These are all-natural and completely understandable feelings, and ones you’ll want to work through by speaking to those around you. 

We want to reassure you that, regardless of how you are feeling right now, there is a lot to look forward to. We want to help you channel your energy into feeling positive and excited about what’s next, and give you the advice you need to become unstoppable and take your next steps (whether that’s into a job, apprenticeship or further education). 

You have the world at your feet right now. You are the first-ever generation to take your step into the world of work or further education under the strangest of circumstances. That’s a huge and potentially daunting prospect. But you also need to remember that you will be trailblazers taking our world into the next phase at great speed. You will develop solutions and create things the world has never seen. 

What makes us so sure of this? Well, let’s take the last global crisis as an example. During the recession in 2007/2008, millions of people left school or graduated under really difficult circumstances where fewer businesses were hiring and the job market was incredibly competitive. But out of those difficult years, some of the most incredible innovations took place. Some of the world’s greatest technology and biggest businesses were created including Whatsapp, Uber, Air BnB and Groupon. In times of adversity, great things can happen. 

So how does that help you? Well, hopefully, this article has made you feel more positive about what is possible during times of adversity. You should also feel encouraged by the recent government announcements that have promised additional funding for businesses who take on trainees or apprentices in the next six months making it easier than ever for them to choose to take on those fresh from school or college and widening the opportunities available for you. 

The increased funding for apprenticeships applies to newly hired apprentices into new roles within a business. We are working with a large number of employers to generate new roles within their businesses for apprentices and we want to help pair you with a fantastic employer in your area on the career path you want. Join our talent pool at the following link to register your details and our friendly team can talk through your options with you and assist you in finding work. 

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 We can’t promise it will be easy, but we can promise you we will be here to help you however we can. Get in touch and we will navigate these challenging but exciting times together. 

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