Best Ways To Motivate Your Colleagues In The New Year

Our top advice on how to motivate your staff in the new year

Best Ways To Motivate Your Colleagues In The New Year

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New years are all about setting resolutions with the aim to kick start your new year the right way. As a leader, it’s important to find ways to keep your colleagues’ motivation high in these first few weeks of 2022, while maintaining a positive environment in the workplace.

Having inspired colleagues means more productivity, ease to achieve goals, healthier relationships, among many other benefits. Without further ado, it’s time to figure out the best plan to put in practice. We’re going to give you four tips for performing this task just right.

1 – Set the years’ goals

Making your company’s objectives clear is the first action to take if you want to see your crew inspired. Motivation only comes when there’s an actual goal, a reason for your colleagues to work hard. If your team has a vague idea of what they need to do or accomplish, they won’t give their best, and it will always be uncertain if their effort is paying off or not.

Ask yourself: “Where do I want my team and I to be one year from now?” That will give you a great idea for your main goal, which must be prioritised. After setting the principal goal for the year to come, make sure to consider how your colleagues will have to evolve, adapt, or even develop new skills to accomplish the desired result.

2 – Be honest and acknowledge good results

It’s widely known that being recognised for doing a great job boosts anyone’s motivation. As the employer, it’s vital to approach the members of your team and let them know when they are in the right direction. That not only makes them feel meaningful but also indicates they should keep going that way.

However, make sure you’re giving honest feedback. If you feel something might need to be changed, feel free to let, them know of this too. When given in a constructive way, criticism makes your colleagues grow professionally and work better the next time.

3 – Offer rewards

When you and your colleagues accomplish the planned objectives, your business will highly benefit from that. But while the increased profits and success are good for everyone, your colleagues won’t directly receive anything for them.

If you wish to keep the great team you have, you must give them a reason to stay on the path and remain productive. Incentive programs, salary bonuses, profit-sharing, socialisation events… There are many ways you can convince them to keep doing their great job.

4 – Carefully listen to their opinions

Our last (but not less important) piece of advice is to actively give voice to your colleagues. Nothing makes people feel more important than having their opinions considered.

When introducing a new project, concept, or idea, make sure to let your colleagues say what they think about it. That not only makes them know their opinion matters, but some ideas you didn’t think about may come out with the brainstorming.

We hope these tips will help you and your team kick-off 2022 with a positive first step. If goal setting is a part of your personal development and progression, contact us today, and we can talk you through the multitude of ways in which an apprenticeship can help you achieve this. We can help set out a clear progression pathway for your team going into the new year.

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