Business Benefits of apprenticeships

Enabling apprenticeships says a lot about your business:

Whether you are taking on new staff or upskilling existing members of your team, apprenticeships are a clear signal that you are prepared to invest in the future; that you care about your staff and their level of qualification in your industry. This not only inspires loyalty but speaks volumes as to your commitment to your brand and to continued delivery of high levels of service.

Apprenticeships are a great way to tailor an employee’s skillsets to carefully meet the demands of your business. They also go a long way to increasing staff morale. They are a clear indicator to current employees that you care about training, development and career progression.

70%* of surveyed employers said apprenticeships improved product quality and service.

We work in partnership to understand what is important to your organisation and how apprenticeships can help to achieve your business goals. Our dedicated approach recognises each individual employers’ needs and enables us to deliver a unique apprenticeship solution that drives the maximum benefits for your organisation.

Employing apprentices shows that you are established, that you are looking to the future and that you are so good at what you do, others are keen to learn from you.

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Hampshire County Council

Abigail Watts

Learning about illnesses such as dementia was challenging and how to help a resident with their illness was tricky but very worthwhile. Doing the job and learning the reasoning behind why procedures have to be done the right way was a definite benefit of the training.

Business benefits of apprenticeships include:

  • Tailored skillsets
  • Enhanced skills & knowledge
  • Greater staff job satisfaction
  • Lower recruitment costs
  • Improved staff retention
  • Investment in the future
  • Increased productivity
  • Better customer service
  • A positive return on Investment

If your business could benefit from any of these, then call Paragon Skills today on 0800 783 2545 and discover how apprenticeships can benefit your business.

*Apprenticeship Evaluation: survey of employers (2014)

Paragon Skills is currently rated as an Ofsted Grade 2 Good provider with aspirations to achieve Grade 1 Outstanding.

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