Jacky Vasili

Health & Social Care apprenticeship at Sunrise Senior Living

Jacky Vasili is a 48-year-old from Croydon who began her Level 3 Diploma in Management at Sunrise Senior Living in Banstead, Surrey in January 2017.

As an older learner, Jacky was pleasantly surprised to find that the learning experience was not as daunting as she expected it to be. Having thought previously that apprenticeships applied only to young school and college leavers, Jacky now has a much broader understanding of how apprenticeships are a fit for learners of all ages and backgrounds. Jacky was keen to study for a professional qualification and since she needed to stay in work full-time, an apprenticeship was the ideal option. Her employers were very supportive of Jacky’s decision to take the Management Diploma.

She felt that by choosing this apprenticeship, it would further progress her in her current role and improve her future prospects with Sunrise Senior Living.

Woman carer pushing resident in wheelchair

This was a very enjoyable experience overall. Paragon Skills is a very good organisation to complete an apprenticeship with. My assessor was very supportive and always contactable. I enjoyed the whole experience and the different methods of learning and I didn’t realise I had gained so much knowledge whilst undertaking my role at Sunrise Senior Living. Completing the apprenticeship really brought out that knowledge.

Jacky’s thoughts on the apprenticeship so far

Since starting the Management apprenticeship, Jacky has gained a much better understanding of the Business side of the organisation and not just about the skills required to complete her own job role. The apprenticeship has also helped to improve her Maths, English, and IT skills and it will continue to expand on those skills as she progresses through the course.

Jacky believes that the practical experience in the workplace is vital, as it helps to build confidence and provides a forum to apply what she is learning. One particular experience that Jacky found challenging, however, has since overcome, was to deliver a presentation to her management team. In doing so Jacky only continued to gain further experience and confidence.

Jacky said the content of the course was exactly what was described to her. It wasn’t all about writing to answer a question. Discussions took place, workbooks and information were easily accessible and her Personal Tutor was happy to fit in meetings around Jacky’s work schedule.

Woman carer in raspberry circle wearing pink scrubs

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