Miles Hemming

Health and Social Care, Paragon Skills Personal Tutor 

Miles is closing in on his one-year anniversary as a Personal Tutor for Paragon Skills; he is one of our exceptional Personal Tutors, supporting and providing learning to our learners. Since joining Paragon Skills, he has supported numerous Health and Social Care, and Residential Childcare learners to progress through their learning journey and achieve their qualifications, standing as an outstanding example of our pledge and values in all that he does, to inspire success and help develop the talent of tomorrow. 

If you have experience in the sector and knowledge to pass down, you can pass it on to multiple organisations all day here; being a Personal Tutor is a good way to be able to use your skills and experience to help others progress in their careers. Apprenticeships are hard to deliver, and Paragon Skills are set up perfectly to make it work for the learners.

Miles’ thoughts on working as a Personal Tutor

I had experience in the role of an assessor within a smaller organisation and enjoyed the role, so I was keen to join a larger provider with more job security and opportunities for progression and Paragon Skills had been recommended by other industry professionals. I was already aware of Paragon Skills as a provider as it is a growing company, and I knew it has good systems in place, a commitment to learner engagement, and a strong reputation in the sector. We have accessible directors and executives, and it is nice to get to see the top people regularly, so you really feel like you are part of something and making a difference. 

I manage a caseload of learners and support them through their Health and Social Care qualifications up to Level 5 alongside their employer. One aspect I love about my role is the flexibility and the ability to manage my own diary and the times I see my learners to fit in with their needs. I see my learners every month or so and complete a session with them including an activity, discussion or any other work that is required to gain evidence for their qualifications and track their progress, and I will see their employers every 10 weeks for review meetings. 

I enjoy working with a diverse range of learners, adapting sessions with them so they can see things from a different perspective and getting them through EPA! I love supporting my learners through their qualification and to completion, and it’s most satisfying to me when people get their Level 2 Functional Skills, as some people really struggle with that aspect of the programme, so it is a big relief for them when they complete. I like to be able to support the learners to achieve and remove any barriers for them. 


If you enjoyed learning more about Miles and his role as a Personal Tutor, take a look at our careers page to view the vacancies we have available.  

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