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Samir was really pleased when awarded a place on the Customer Service Specialist Level 3 apprenticeship. Then the COVID-19 pandemic made it such that he was away from work for many months on the UK government’s job retention scheme, which meant he was unable to engage in any business-related work, but fortunately he could still continue with his apprenticeship. 

The course’s learning material, tasks, and engagement in the online workshops with an amicable and enthusiastic Personal Tutor provided him with a sense of purpose and access to high-quality learning which served to stave off the depressive state he feels he most certainly would otherwise have fallen into.

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Of course, the syllabus is full of deep and sophisticated knowledge, theories and practical techniques to create great customer service, leadership skills and effective collaboration with our work colleagues. But what struck me hardest was the impact that the course’s method of goal setting and learning can have on my life as a whole. 

The apprenticeship teaches you how to set short-term, mid-term and long-term goals spanning the next five years of your future. It taught me how to set realistic and achievable targets and showed me how to write down my progress every step of the way. Not only this, but the technique asked me to pen down the key points that I learnt from a session, and reflect upon how that information can practically apply to my everyday life.

Samir’s thoughts on the apprenticeship so far

In short, the process travels from theory and action to concrete learning and the fulfilment of your dreams and desires. Ultimately, it ends up providing me with a deep sense of purpose, rewarding feeling of achievement, and the peace arising from the fact that you have finally managed to take control of your life’s destiny and steer it towards a future that promises to make you happy.  

Thank you very much for the opportunity to take part in this apprenticeship.  

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