Bethan Jones

How an interest in engines turned into something more

Bethan had always had an interest in engines and often engineered custom motorbikes with a friend. The interest became more when Bethan found herself understanding how all types of engine worked and wanted to apply those skills. It had always meant more to her to have a career, not just a job, and realised she could have all of this and more with a Paragon Skills apprenticeship in Level 3 HGV mechanics.

Prior to becoming an apprentice, Bethan was a shy character, who by her own admission used to fear speaking to crowds of people or indeed on the phone. Her introduction to the work environment has not only helped her to overcome her own obstacles and gained a host of new qualifications, but she has taken that step further and now regularly speaks to local schools about career opportunities and apprenticeships on behalf of Paragon Skills and Poole Borough Council. Through her apprenticeship, Bethan has been able to identify her own strengths and has proven to herself that her new-found confidence can help others.

Bethan Jones

BCP Council

“I have a strong determination to succeed, which is fed by realising my own accomplishments, aspirations for the future and helping others to succeed and show that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.”

In addition to full support from her tutors at Paragon Skills, Bethan has achieved so much in such a small space of time that she has been nominated for Dorset and National apprentice of the Year, two years running. She is currently training toward Management and Advance Diagnostics at college, and, along with MOT tester, is achieving two huge career aspirations because of her apprenticeship.

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