Emma Brannick

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When looking to start out on her apprenticeship journey Emma applied to her local college to study for her Early Years Educator Advanced Level 3 course. However, due to government rules in place surrounding GCSE requirements, she was told by the college that they wouldn’t be able to support her needs for meeting this requirement which in turn meant she wouldn’t be able to take the course.

Emma was left feeling as though this was the end of her dream of achieving her Level 3, and in turn, had an impact on her confidence. However, since she works with a supportive team, her manager approached us for advice to make this dream a reality.

Since her first attempt, the government requirements on the topic of GCSE’s was no longer a hurdle. Paragon Skills was able to sign Emma up to start her journey to become a qualified Advanced Early Years Educator.

Our expert team worked closely with Emma to analyse the way in which she learns, and to ensure all her needs on ASL (Additional Learning Support) would be met. Emma has dyslexia, so it was agreed that we would provide her qualifications verbally.

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Corrine Beswick,

Emma’s tutor here at Paragon Skills said:

“Emma has fantastic knowledge and even better practical skills. Once we had established how she learns best, she sailed through the course. After completing her apprenticeship with us, Emma went on to get an outstanding achievement award from her company. We couldn’t feel more proud to have been a part of her apprenticeship journey and help her find her success.”

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