The biggest challenge for apprentices

When asked what the biggest challenge is for most apprentices, Steve doesn’t hesitate: “Functional skills” and “Maths” is the biggest problem for those raised in the UK, and English tends to be the issue for those who don’t have it as a first language.”

But he says he almost always manages to help learners through their course. “We tailor our approach to make learning as easy and as accessible as we can, especially for those who may not have been in a formal learning environment for many years”.

Steve, who has worked as a Personal Tutor at Paragon Skills for seven years, says the biggest change he’s noticed since the introduction of the levy is the attitude of employers. “It’s encouraged them to become more engaged with the learning journey and become more committed”.

What does he think employers should look out for in a training provider? “Look at the quality, the feedback from
learners and employers and the Ofsted reports.”

“Paragon Skills are very upfront and clear with employers about what is involved in apprenticeships – they don’t
hide any potential problems. They care about developing quality relationships.”

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Steve Roberts

Paragon Skills

“We have access to diagnostic tools and learning resources, videos and workbooks that help us focus on areas learners need help with most.”

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