Toni Mason

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When Toni Mason started her Healthcare Support Worker Level 2 apprenticeship with Paragon Skills, she was still very new to her career. However once she passed this, she quickly progressed onto her Level 3 Adult Care Worker apprenticeship and took huge steps forward with her career at the ANA treatment centre. Toni believe this is due to the knowledge, skills and behaviour she learnt whilst on her programme with Paragon Skills.

Following her training, Toni was soon offered a position as a trainee counsellor and spent the next five years qualifying as a counsellor. Toni now leads the entire counselling team at ANA Treatment centre and is a role model for the other care workers to look up to. Toni also manages her own secondary centre within the same business and is managing a team of carers and counsellors.

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Toni’s Personal Tutor

Chris Jasiczak said:

“We are committed to lifelong learning and helping people progress throughout their career. We are so proud to have been a part of this amazing success story. Toni has just enrolled to do her Health and Social Care Level 5 apprenticeship with us to help expand her knowledge and skills, and we are happy to help her achieve this next milestone in her training and career.”

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