Creepin’ apprenticeships to the forefront

Offering your current team apprenticeships provides them with a bag of tricks and treats to learn as they work. It is an eerie-sistible opportunity for them to develop crucial skills and knowledge they want to gain for CPD and your business might be in need of. All the puns out of the way we wanted to highlight facts/stats on why your business should start an apprenticeship programme with us this Allhallows Eve.

10 Facts on apprenticeships showing there is nothing to fear:

  1. 100% of Paragon Skills’ apprentices who complete their programme achieve their apprenticeship
  2. 67% of apprentices said that their apprenticeship helped them to perform in their job better than before
  3. 89% of apprentices said their apprenticeship gave them a clearer idea about their employment future
  4. 90% of apprentices said the apprenticeship improved their communication skills
  5. 87% of apprentices said the apprenticeship improved their job satisfaction
  6. 88% of apprentices said the apprenticeship helped them protect themselves online
  7. 82% of employers say that the apprentice has had a positive impact on their business
  8. 80% of employers have maintained or improved future skills in the business.
  9. 80% of employers report that apprenticeships reduce staff turnover
  10. 90% of apprentices stated that they had developed new skills

Find out more stats from our apprentices and employers on our making a difference in care page.

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10 benefits to howl about:

  1. Apprentices can be trained with key values and objectives in mind
  2. They’re motivated to learn, and bring energy and enthusiasm to a team
  3. Great way for your business to expand or upskill your workforce – both new and old colleagues
  4. Cost Effective – Save on all the recruitment, external training cost
  5. Help your business to fill any current and future skill gaps
  6. Supporting the economy – By hiring an apprentice, you are helping to lower unemployment
  7. You can attract and keep the best new talent – with 80.3% of apprentices staying on after completing programme
  8. Apprenticeship training is flexible to support your business needs, maximising output and ensuring little disruption.
  9. Apprentices can support the development of skills of your current colleagues with their fresh perspective and up-to-date practical and digital knowledge.
  10. Provide your teams with clear progression routes & pathways – which is currently a hot topic among job seekers

Apprentices are open to new ways of working, and can be moulded to the needs of your business. They bring fresh, innovative and creative ideas into a business & with 57% of employers report a high proportion of apprentices going on to management positions within the company. You are securing the leadership and management skills you will need as your business grows.

The current challenge for all business’ across England is the stagnant productivity growth of the economy, which holds down wages and living standards. Apprenticeships can assist on this front too.
We all know that Vampires are a pain in the neck, but start an employee on an apprenticeship doesn’t need to be!!

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