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Guest Blog from our Curriculum Manager, Charly Webb-Ellis

Are you looking to build a skilled and dedicated team within your care organisation? Apprenticeships offer a brilliant solution. They provide customised training, boost retention, and contribute to improved quality of care. In fact, apprentices are a whopping 85% more likely to stay in their roles, offering both short- and long-term benefit. 

Why apprenticeships work for Care organisations 

  • Tailored talent: Apprentices develop a deep understanding of your workplace’s specific values, practices, and the unique needs of the individuals you support. This means they’re ready to hit the ground running and make a positive impact from their very first day. 
  • Future-proofing your workforce: Apprenticeships are an investment in the future of your care organisation. You’re cultivating a loyal, committed workforce deeply invested in providing exceptional care. 
  • Return on investment (ROI): Apprenticeships directly contribute to improved quality of care, enhanced staff retention, and a stronger reputation within your community. 


The power of protected learning time 

Apprentices thrive when they have time set aside to focus on their studies and expand their knowledge. For those working over 30 hours a week, it’s essential to plan for your apprentices to have 6 hours weekly for “off-the-job” training. This is a vital part of their apprenticeship, allowing them to delve deeper into the topics covered in their eLearning, workshops, and on-the-job experiences. To maximise the impact of their learning, collaborate with the apprentice and their personal tutor to plan out specific activities within your workplace that directly support their apprenticeship goals and the module they’re currently completing. This seamless integration of theory and practice is where the magic happens! 

Let’s explore examples relevant to adult care: 

  • Supporting individuals with dementia: If your apprentice is studying a module on supporting individuals with dementia, a complementary activity could involve shadowing a more experienced carer during their interactions with residents living with dementia. This allows the apprentice to observe best practices in action, learn effective communication techniques, and witness how to create a calm and supportive environment. They might even get the chance to practice some of these skills themselves under close supervision, perhaps by engaging with a resident in a simple activity or conversation. 
  • Mealtime support: Another example is the apprentice shadowing a carer during mealtimes, observing how they ensure residents with dementia are comfortable and able to eat safely. They could then discuss the importance of patience, clear communication, and a gentle touch in dementia care with the experienced carer. This practical experience would bring the theory learned in the eLearning module or workshop to life, solidifying the apprentice’s understanding and building their confidence. 


Subject matter expertise for tailored learning 

When we design our Elevate Adult Care Apprenticeships, we work alongside a team of subject matter experts who have a wealth of experience working in adult care in different settings. Our SMEs support us in ensuring that the curriculum design of our programmes meets adult care’s specific needs. This ensures learners have access to learning materials and a learner journey that directly addresses their needs, giving them the knowledge for their role via our eLearning. Additionally, our workshop activities give learners the opportunity to put that knowledge into practice through interactive activities. This comprehensive approach is all wrapped up with support from our personal tutors and demonstrated via consolidation activities. 


Progress reviews: The key to tailored support 

Regular progress reviews are essential. Checking in with your apprentice and their personal tutor regularly helps us identify their strengths, areas where they might need a bit of extra support, and any challenges they might encounter. Being proactive in this way lets you personalise training and mentorship, boosting their chances of success. Consider syncing these reviews with the progress meetings held between the apprentice, their personal tutor, and line manager or mentor. 


The Paragon Skills Difference 

How Paragon Skills’ Elevate apprenticeships can help 

At Paragon Skills, we understand the unique needs of care organisations. Our Elevate Apprenticeships offer a comprehensive and supportive approach: 

  • The Elevate Advantage: Innovative Learning Elevate Apprenticeships use an innovative flipped learning model to maximise engagement and knowledge retention. 
  • Dedicated Guidance: We work closely with you and your apprentices throughout the programme. Our detailed learner journey guidance outlines the content of each module with suggested activities that complement the learning perfectly. 
  • Tracking Progress, Preventing Problems: Our intuitive learner management system, Bud, allows you and our team to track your apprentice’s progress. It helps us spot potential challenges quickly, so we can address them together. 
  • Flexible Learning, Fits Your Workflow: We know care settings are dynamic, which is why our programmes are adaptable. We help ensure the structured learning complements the demands of your workplace, maximising benefits for all. Our eLearning saves learners’ progress, so off-the-job hours can be planned flexibly. Workshops are also bookable at a variety of times and days to suit different job roles and working schedules. 
  • Comprehensive Learning Resources: We provide a rich library of materials within our eLearning platform, meeting those “off-the-job” training requirements while ensuring apprentices gain the knowledge, skills, and behaviours they need to thrive. 
  • Personalised Learning for Every Apprentice: Our personal tutors understand individuals learn differently. Their approach balances tailoring the experience with ensuring the necessary standards are met. 


Tips to take it further 

  • Mentorship: Pairing apprentices with experienced colleagues is invaluable. It fosters knowledge transfer and offers a dedicated support system within your team. 
  • Open Communication: Create a culture where apprentices feel comfortable sharing feedback and asking for help. This builds trust and helps them flourish. 


The Takeaway 

Investing in apprentices means investing in the future of your care organisation and the quality of care you provide. Elevate Apprenticeships walks this journey with you, offering quality programmes and the bespoke support you need to reap the full rewards of apprenticeship schemes. 

Intrigued? If you want to learn more about how Elevate Apprenticeships can help you develop a skilled and dedicated workforce, get in touch! 


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