Elevate Curriculum at Paragon Skills: A New Era in Apprenticeship Training

Guest Blog from our Curriculum Manager, Charly Webb-Ellis


In an ever-evolving educational landscape, Paragon Skills stands at the forefront with its innovative Elevate Curriculum. This curriculum is reshaping apprenticeship training for the modern era. Leveraging the innovative Flipped Learning model, it marks a significant departure from traditional education. It offers a dynamic, engaging, and practical approach tailored to the needs of today’s apprentices and their employers. 

Transforming Learning with Flipped Learning 

The Elevate Curriculum centres around the Flipped Learning approach, a paradigm shift in educational methodology. This approach inverts the traditional classroom model. Instructional content is primarily delivered online, outside the conventional classroom setting. In Paragon’s apprenticeship programme, this involves a blend of eLearning, interactive group workshops, and practical consolidation activities. All these elements are facilitated by our expert tutors. This structure allows apprentices to first absorb foundational concepts through eLearning at their own pace. Then, they can apply this knowledge in interactive workshops and real-world scenarios. 

The Elevate Curriculum Structure 

The structure of Paragon’s Elevate Curriculum is meticulously crafted to be both systematic and flexible: 

  • eLearning: Apprentices begin with self-directed online modules, introducing essential concepts and theories in their field. 
  • Facilitated Group Workshops: Following eLearning, apprentices delve deeper into subjects during group workshops. These are guided by sector expert tutors. 
  • Consolidation Activities: Personal tutors support apprentices in practical activities. Here, they apply their skills and knowledge in real-life contexts. 

Benefits for Learners and Employers 

  • Enhanced Learning: Apprentices learn at their preferred pace, fostering deeper comprehension. 
  • Practical Application: There’s an emphasis on practical skills and their workplace application. 
  • Personalised Support: Dedicated tutor support enriches the educational journey. 

Supporting Off-the-Job Training 

Flipped Learning excellently meets off-the-job training requirements. It integrates eLearning, workshops, and consolidation activities within the curriculum. This allows apprentices to fulfil their training obligations while contributing effectively in their workplace roles. 

Spiral Curriculum: A Progressive Learning Approach 

The Elevate Curriculum adopts a spiral approach, where learning is not linear but progressively builds upon itself. This strategy ensures thorough comprehension, with each learning cycle adding depth and complexity. It’s tailored to the apprentice’s job role. 

Tailoring Learning to Job Roles and Beyond 

The curriculum’s heart lies in its direct alignment with the apprentices’ job roles. This ensures that every aspect of the course is immediately applicable in the workplace. This approach transforms theoretical concepts into valuable tools for professional growth. Our commitment extends beyond just application in the workplace. Through our group workshops, we foster a unique environment where apprentices can network with peers. They come from the same sector but have varied experiences. These workshops not only serve as learning platforms but also as hubs for broadening knowledge and opening new avenues for career development. In this way, we equip our learners with skills relevant to their current roles. We also enrich their professional journey with broader perspectives and opportunities. 

Preparing for End-Point Assessment (EPA) 

The curriculum systematically readies apprentices for their EPA. The diverse Flipped Learning methods equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence. 

Personal Tutors: Architects of Individualised Learning Experiences 

Personal Tutors (PTs) adeptly craft distinct learning experiences for each apprentice. These experiences are tailored to ensure maximum engagement and comprehensive skill development. They align seamlessly with the overarching learner journey. 

  • Stretch and Challenge: To nurture growth in advanced apprentices, PTs incorporate more challenging and complex elements into the curriculum. This provides an impetus for continuous intellectual and practical advancement. 
  • Additional Support: For those requiring foundational reinforcement, PTs offer targeted support. This ensures that all apprentices, irrespective of their starting point, have access to the necessary resources and guidance to thrive. 

Consistent Learning Experience and Curriculum Strategies 

While the experiences are individualised, the integrity of the learner journey within the curriculum remains consistent for all apprentices. This consistency ensures a unified educational framework, while still catering to individual learning needs. Employing a spiral approach, the curriculum revisits fundamental topics at increasing levels of complexity. This aligns perfectly with customised learning needs, enabling apprentices to progressively build and deepen their understanding and skills. PTs skilfully strike a balance between flexible teaching methods and strict adherence to curriculum standards. This balanced approach ensures that the educational experience is both dynamic and compliant with the highest educational benchmarks. 

Conclusion: Setting a New Benchmark in Apprenticeship Training 

Paragon’s Elevate Curriculum, powered by the expertise of Personal Tutors and the innovative Flipped Learning model, offers a bespoke, engaging, and practical apprenticeship training experience. This approach not only enriches learning for apprentices but also delivers substantial benefits to employers. It establishes a new standard in apprenticeship training – adaptable, learner-focused, and committed to excellence. 


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