Elevate: Reshaping Adult Care Apprenticeships – A Tutor’s Perspective on Empowering Learners

Guest Blog from our Curriculum Manager, Charly Webb-Ellis


Paragon Skills understands the vital importance of high-quality training within the adult care sector. Our Elevate Curriculum has been meticulously designed to meet these needs. With dedicated programmes for both Adult Care Worker (Level 2) and Lead Adult Care Worker (Level 3), Elevate’s dynamic blend of flipped learning, interactive workshops, and personalised support nurtures confident and highly skilled professionals. To gain deeper insights, we spoke with Nichola Honeyman, an experienced Adult Care personal tutor with 25 years of field experience. 


The Elevate Difference: Q&A with Nichola Honeyman 

Through 20 years of tutoring, the benefits of Elevate’s flipped learning approach for apprentices compared to traditional models are noteworthy.

Elevate truly puts the learner at the centre of their development. It starts with self-paced eLearning modules where apprentices reflect on existing knowledge and explore foundational concepts. This primes them for the collaborative workshops. When they tackle new concepts in workshops, they already have context, sparking greater engagement and a deeper understanding of how they’ll use their knowledge on the job. 

Elevate fosters engagement in adult care apprentices through its tailored approach and innovative methods.

The resources go beyond bland readings. They’re interactive and thought-provoking. Learners see how each module builds upon essential adult care skills, knowledge, and behaviours. Elevate tracks progress within the programme, keeping learners motivated and invested as their skills grow. It’s clear the course has been crafted with the realities of adult care in mind. 

The combination of consolidation activities alongside tutor sessions in Elevate solidifies learning by reinforcing key concepts and providing practical application opportunities.

These targeted activities are vital for long-term retention of core adult care principles – something essential when preparing for End Point Assessment. They also double as invaluable revision resources. I work closely with each apprentice, using our one-on-one sessions to ensure the consolidation activities not only deepen their knowledge but also help them confidently prepare for their future assessments. 

Elevate personalises learning by providing individualised support, recognizing the importance of tailored assistance in adult care education.

Each apprentice comes with a unique background and learning styles. I recently worked with an apprentice who found written assignments stressful. Elevate’s flexibility means we adapted to a focus on oral recordings. The learner’s immediate relief spoke volumes and unlocked her ability to truly shine! Every aspect of the course, from learning activities to the workshops, has built-in flexibility to tailor training and create the optimal learning experience for each apprentice. 


Elevate: Designed for Adult Care Success

Elevate facilitates the seamless application of skills in adult care workplaces by providing apprentices with the necessary support and resources.

The course isn’t just about memorisation – it’s about empowering learners to use what they learn strategically. It spotlights vital skills, knowledge, and behaviours, asking apprentices to analyse and envision practical application within their roles. Workshops feature realistic case studies directly mirroring the complex care situations apprentices face daily. 

Elevate addresses common challenges faced by adult care apprentices, providing solutions tailored to their needs.

Time management is always a hurdle. Elevate’s structure minimises stress with clearly outlined tasks and mutually agreed deadlines. Our workshops are integrated into work hours to foster better work/life balance. The programme helps combat isolation through peer discussions and workshops – apprentices build lasting connections they can leverage throughout their careers. 

As a tutor, increased confidence in learners is observed as they progress through Elevate.

Absolutely! From small milestones to major breakthroughs, Elevate’s feedback and progress trackers celebrate successes. This continuous positive reinforcement is vital. Learners aren’t just gaining skills – they’re developing the resilience and adaptability they’ll need to thrive throughout their adult care careers. 


Paragon Skills’ Elevate: Built for Your Adult Care Training Needs 

Nichola Honeyman’s insights highlight the difference Elevate’s model makes. If you’re seeking an adult care apprenticeship that prioritises practical skills, unmatched support, and empowers learner success, our Elevate programmes (offered at Level 2 and Level 3) are designed for you. 

Elevate Your Adult Care Training – Programmes at Level 2 and Level 3 Available Now!

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