Elevating Education: Introducing our enhanced Teaching Assistant Level 3 apprenticeship

We are excited to announce the launch of our revamped Teaching Assistant Level 3 apprenticeship programme. This programme is meticulously designed to empower and develop your teaching team, equipping them with the tools and confidence they need to deliver top-notch education to your pupils.

Key themes of the apprenticeship

 The programme covers a range of essential topics, including:

  • Safeguarding
  • Curriculum Intent
  • Professional Relationships
  • Assessment of Learning
  • Understanding Pupil Development and Learning Processes
  • Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Enhancing Pupil Well-being, Behaviour, and Enrichment
  • Leveraging Technology in Education


This comprehensive 15-month journey is structured to enhance the capabilities of your Teaching Assistants. By focusing on the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours, the programme prepares them to significantly contribute to pupils’ learning journeys.


Innovations in learning


Our programme stands out due to its unique approach:

  • Flip learning style
    • It begins with interactive eLearning modules, followed by personal tutor sessions to solidify and expand upon the online content.
  • Real-world application
    • Apprentices engage with various scenarios and case studies, applying their knowledge to practical situations and real-world challenges.
  • Access to AoA resources
    • We’ve partnered with the Association of Apprentices to provide an extensive library of learning materials.
  • Focus on personal development
    • The programme also emphasizes self-growth, teaching reflective practices, self-development skills, and academic writing.


Our Teaching Assistant Level 3 apprenticeship is more than just a training programme, it is a transformative journey for your educational team.

Get in Touch – If you’re interested in elevating your school’s teaching capabilities and want to learn more about our programme, explore our interactive Teaching Assistant Level 3 Apprenticeship Overview or reach out to us via email [email protected].

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