Apprenticeships for a winning business

Hold on to your best people, attract the best candidates, offer attractive career pathways and add value through better trained people.

At Paragon Skills we are passionate about apprenticeships and the value they can bring to your business. We are one of the largest apprenticeship training providers in the UK and have over 20 years of experience delivering award-winning programmes across a range of sectors that provide a genuine impact on your workforce and your bottom line.

Our flexible infrastructure and approach to delivery allow us to provide apprenticeship training to employers of all sizes across every region of the country.

We believe

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Our approach to building your exclusive apprenticeship programme – one that is owned and branded by you – we believe, sets us apart from many other providers.


The first thing we do is listen. We take the time to understand exactly what your training needs are. This ensures you get an apprenticeship solution that responds directly to your specific business and one that is truly unique to you.


We actively encourage our partners and apprentices to be involved at this stage. Understanding your strategic needs as well as the operating environment is essential. We will create programme outlines and delivery plans that embed your culture and values. We will review these plans together and make sure they are spot-on before being rolled-out.


Our people are key to making this happen. Our Tutors are highly qualified experts in their chosen fields. They bring rich experience of delivering consistent and innovative learning. You’ll come to see us as an extension of your team.


Your colleagues will feel confident and inspired by the mix of learning methods used in response to their individual strengths and preferences. And you will feel supported and in control as you develop and deliver your broader strategy whilst your apprenticeship programme adds measurable value – allowing you to report real success stories back to the business.

Paragon Skills is currently rated as an Ofsted Grade 2 Good provider with aspirations to achieve Grade 1 Outstanding.

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