ESFA ditches 20% off-the-job requirement as part of 2022/23 apprenticeship funding rule changes

ESFA ditches 20% off-the-job requirement

ESFA ditches 20% off-the-job requirement as part of 2022/23 apprenticeship funding rule changes

The Government is set to scrap the requirements currently used for the 20% off-the-job training in apprenticeships and replace it with a new model as set out in the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Apprenticeship funding rules: August 2022 to July 2023. Meaning as of Monday 1 August 2022, the off-the-job training policy will change.

What changes are coming to Off-The-Job Training?

The 20 per cent off-the-job training rule was introduced following the apprenticeship levy reforms in 2017.

The current rule states that an apprentice must complete off-the-job training for a minimum of 20% of their own working hours. From 1 August, the minimum volume of hours will no longer be linked to the working hours; instead, they will have a consistent figure, regardless of the hours worked by the apprentice.

This will be 6 hours per week meaning those apprentices who work more than 30 hours (which was the base figure used to calculate this) per week can now spend less than 20 per cent of their week doing off-the-job training.

The EFSA also stated that the change must not weaken the current requirement – to provide the right level of training to every apprentice. The volume of training that is delivered must be guided by the initial assessment of the apprentice and this may mean that an apprentice trains for more than 6 hours per week.

English and maths requirements changed

The ESFA also announced today that people who start a level 2 apprenticeship without level 1 English and maths will no longer need to automatically attempt level 2 English and Maths tests to complete their apprenticeship.

“It will mean that level 2 apprentices can focus on securing a level 1 English and maths qualification with only those who are truly ready to take the level 2 tests attempting them.

If you are not sure what impact these changes will have on your apprentices, contact us today to discuss it further.

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