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Who is the Apprenticeship for?

This Apprenticeship is ideal for any of your employees working in the marine industry in a boat building or restoration role in your organisation.

These employees are the future of your company, they will carry out both traditional and also the most up-to-date methods in boat building and restoration with many types of materials and techniques. Typical roles that this Apprenticeship will support are Boatbuilders & Shipwrights.

Level 3 Diploma in Boatbuilding

Up to 48 months

City & Guilds

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What will they learn?

This Apprenticeship has been designed to develop your employees’ knowledge and hand skills and equip them with the expertise to offer continuous improvement in the company. It also teaches the ability to read technical drawings and to communicate and empower them to be confident to deal with all situations presented to them in a professional way.

They will learn traditional wooden boat building using machines and hand tools as well as wet layup vacuum bagging and vacuum infusion techniques, becoming a highly skilled asset to the company.

Our Apprenticeships give your employees training that is tailored to your business needs and their roles, providing job-specific skills vital for peak business performance.

How will they learn?

Our Personal Tutors will deliver high-quality face-to-face learning and coaching and provide all the resources your employee will need to progress quickly. Our intuitive learner management system ‘Bud’ will really bring the subject to life through interactive learning tools, access to complementary online resources and relevant social communities, as well as provide real-time learner information so that you will always know what your employee is learning and how they are progressing.

This Apprenticeship will develop your employees’ knowledge, skills and behaviours in the following areas:


  • Tools & equipment safety Safety signs Evacuation procedures Common causes of fires External boat components FRP manufacture


  • Boat building technology Business improvement techniques Yacht & boat building assembly & sub-assembly Interior installation & fitting


  • Team building Ownership/responsibilityDeveloping self Team working Presentation skills
Joshua Robbins

This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and it has given me a unique set of skills to help me further my career in the marine industry. Before I started this course, I had no idea what I wanted to do with regards to my career but now that has completely changed.

Joshua Robbins


Your pathway to success

Becoming a qualified boatbuilder is a skill for life and can open doors to a long and rewarding career. As a worker in the marine industry, you may already be looking to develop your specialist skills and looking to progress further in roles such as Marine Surveyor, Marina Manager, Yacht Broker or Skipper.

Diverse career opportunities are available in the leisure, small commercial and superyacht industry. Over 4400 companies with a combined worth of nearly £3 billion have a variety of career opportunities that could suit you. The industry is also at the forefront of innovation, pioneering new technology, world-renowned craftsmanship and a world leader in design. 

At Paragon Skills we are committed to inspiring you to succeed and are there to support you throughout every stage of your Boatbuilding Level 3 Apprenticeship.

We are looking for learners who are as committed and as passionate as we are. If this is you, then contact us today about the opportunities available to you with a boatbuilding Apprenticeship.


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