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Who is the Apprenticeship for?

This Apprenticeship is ideal for any of your employees that specialise in working with your customers in face-to-face or advisory roles in any department or division of your organisation and want to enrich their existing skills and knowledge to provide the highest level of service every time. 

These employees are real advocates of your organisation’s service standards and work with your customers every day dealing with complex queries and problems, as well as technical requests.

Diploma in Customer Service Level 3

12 - 15 months

City & Guilds

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What will they learn?

Every employee undertaking this Apprenticeship will develop the skills to be able to confidently analyse data and customer information to influence change and improvements in service.

They will understand the complexities of the customer journey, become experts in your organisation’s products and services, and will share their knowledge with their colleagues for the benefit of the wider team and your organisation’s future success.

Our Apprenticeships give your employees training that is tailored to your business needs and their roles, providing job-specific skills vital for peak business performance.

How will they learn?

Our Personal Tutors will deliver high-quality face-to-face learning and coaching and provide all the resources your employee will need to progress quickly. Our intuitive learner management system ‘Bud’ will really bring the subject to life through interactive learning tools, access to complementary online resources and relevant social communities, as well as provide real-time learner information so that you will always know what your employee is learning and how they are progressing.

This Apprenticeship will develop your employees’ knowledge, skills and behaviours in the following areas:


  • Business knowledge & understanding • Customer journey • Customer insights • Customer service culture • Environmental awareness


  • Business focussed service delivery • Customer experience • Customer insights • Customer service performance • Service improvement


  • Ownership/responsibility • Developing self • Team working • Equality • Presentation
Harley Coates

Since completing my Diploma in Customer Service I have been put on the progression plan to become a team leader. At present I'm the only person in my team with this qualification. My ambition is to become a team leader and then a manager.

Harley Coates

Hertz Accident Support

Your pathway to success

Becoming a supervisor or manager in a customer service capacity is a skill for life and can open doors to a long and rewarding career.

Due to the varied nature of the customer service industry, there are many job roles that apply to the advanced Apprenticeship level. Dedicated customer service job roles include Customer Relationship Manager, Customer Support Officer, Customer Service Team Leader, Customer Service Supervisor and Customer Service Co-ordinator.

At Paragon Skills we are committed to inspiring you to succeed and are here to support you throughout every stage of your Apprenticeship.

We are looking for learners as committed and as passionate as we are. If this sounds like you, then contact us today and start your career on the Apprenticeship route with Paragon Skills.


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