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Who is the Apprenticeship for?

This Apprenticeship is ideal for any of your employees that want to take their barbering skills to the next level and nurture their creative skills.

These employees are real advocates of your business, have a clear passion for the industry and are driven to succeed. They keep abreast of grooming trends and want to enrich their existing practical skills and technical knowledge to provide the highest level of service to your customers. 

Diploma in Barbering Level 3

12 - 18 months

City & Guilds

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What will they learn?

Recognised by the UK’s leading barbering association (British Barbering Association – BBA), every employee undertaking this Apprenticeship will develop an enhanced set of skills to improve client satisfaction as well as developing their creative cutting, shaving and facial massage techniques.

Your employees will become experts in your products and services and will share their knowledge with your clients and their colleagues in a positive, professional and inspiring way so that your business will be recognised for the exceptional quality of service it provides every time.

How will they learn?

Our Personal Tutors will deliver high-quality face-to-face learning and coaching and provide all the resources your employee will need to progress quickly. Our intuitive learner management system ‘Bud’ will really bring the subject to life through interactive learning tools, access to complementary online resources and relevant social communities, as well as provide real-time learner information so that you will always know what your employee is learning and how they are progressing.

This Apprenticeship will develop your employees’ knowledge, skills and behaviours in the following areas:


  • Advanced consultation • Hair types• Shaving • Creative patterns • Creative cutting • Creative styling • Specialist treatment


  • Creative cutting - variety of techniques • Creative facial hair design - variety of techniques • Shave facial hair - hot towel, open blade razor, forehand & backhand, facial massage techniques • High frequency, vibration massager • Provide advice, guidance & specialist treatments for specific scalp
    and hair conditions


  • Demonstrate professionalism • Greet clients respectfully & politely • Communicate effectively • Identify & respond to wishes & needs • Client reassurance • Adapt behaviour • Respond to client advice • Strong communication skills• Understanding of client needs • Prompt and positive response to questions & comments • Allow client to consider your response appropriate • Provide service & product information • Ensure clients full understanding • Clear explanation if needs & expectations cannot be met
Mark Dalley

Through the guided learning process, I was able to refresh upon my previous knowledge base as well as push myself into researching new knowledge and new skills, all of which has proved helpful in my career.

Mark Dalley

Liaisons Barber Shop

Your pathway to success

Becoming a qualified barber is a skill for life and will enable you to take your career in any direction you like. As a qualified barber there is so much potential to work in an exciting environment, not only in a high street barbershop, but also for an airline, on a cruise ship, at a holiday resort or hotel, and even in a department store. 

Completing a Barbering Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship could lead to further opportunities, as the increase in demand for barbering services by a new generation reflects further changes, for example providing African Caribbean barbering skills and new specialist techniques such as 2D and 3D sculpting.

At Paragon Skills, we are committed to inspiring you to succeed and to ensure that you get the best possible start in your chosen career.

We are looking for learners as committed and as passionate as we are. If this sounds like you, then contact us today about the opportunities available to you with a Barbering Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship.


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