Government increased employer incentives

The Coronavirus pandemic brought a lot of major challenges to the UK economy, and the government is helping businesses open back up, while also encouraging new businesses to expand. That’s why they are offering some new government incentives if you take on a new apprentice. These new employer incentives are designed to help you get past these challenging times. If you qualify, you can get up to £4,000 if you hire an apprentice.

What will you get for hiring an apprentice?

You could benefit from incentives of up to £4,000 when hiring a new apprentice. Employers are already able to claim £1,000 per apprentice aged under 19 (or under 25, with an Education and Health Care Plan). Paid in instalments: £500 after 3 months + £500 after 12 months. Additionally, the cash bonus scheme for hiring apprentices has been extended by a further 6 months.

From 1 April 2021, the incentives become more generous with a £3,000 payment per hire, regardless of the apprentice’s age. So, with both payments, if you employ an apprentice aged under 19 before 31 January 2022, you will be eligible for £4,000!

Things to keep in mind?

You can’t access these employer incentives for your current apprentice/s. The incentives are provided only for new employees. Those employees can’t be employed for more than half a year before the start of the contract. Claims can be made by employers starting with the 1st of September 2020. All payments are made directly to employers in 2 equal instalments. This happens while the apprentice is still on programme learning, at day 90 and then when they hit 12 months on the programme.

How can you take advantage of the latest employer incentives from the government?

We are here to offer you the assistance and support as you apply for the new government incentives. We have the expertise and knowledge needed to help you apply properly and is as simple, as we can.

The step you will need to take:

Create an account

So you can manage all your apprenticeships, you will be able to access funds that will help you pay for apprenticeship training. Normally, if you employed apprentices before, you will have such an account already set up. If not, you will need to create a new one.

PAYE Scheme

You must add a PAYE scheme for your organization

Add and confirm our details

Then you can add the Paragon Skills UKPRN number.

UKPRN: 10004977

Update your apprentice info

Lastly, you must add information on the apprentices you are just signing up and any information on the existing apprentice you have on a programme already.

Once you apply, we will be able to assist you with all the paperwork you need and ensure that you will get your employer incentives whenever you hire apprentices. You are not limited to hiring a single apprentice, you can choose to hire multiple ones and receive benefits for all of them. Once you get a confirmation, you will get payments via Bacs on the 14th working day of the month. Most payments will take up to 3 days to process.

If you’re looking to hire an apprentice and receive up to £4,000 via employer incentives, don’t hesitate and apply for this great set of incentives today. We are here to offer all the assistance and support you need during the entire process!

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