You’ve got the power – How to maximise your workforce

Paragon Skills have seen first-hand the power of Apprenticeships and the ways in which they impact businesses and enrich individuals’ lives. Our teams provide support to over 7,000 learners and 2,500 businesses.

Each programme our teams deliver is uniquely tailored to the employer and learner’s needs.

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For your business

  • Our Apprenticeship programmes are a great way for you to fund the development of your employees’ skills and ensure they achieve not only their full potential, but they also gain industry recognised qualifications
  • Our Apprenticeship programmes can be integrated with minimal disruption to your business
  • Keeping pace with changes in standard and working practices is expensive.
  • Our Apprenticeship programmes address the skills gap directly, making  your business more effective, productive and competitive
  • New employees can learn how your company operates and develop the skills your business needs from the offset, adding value much earlier and with most, if not all, of the training and assessment taking place in the workplace, disruption to the day will be minimal
  • Our Apprenticeship programmes are designed to help you develop your teams to deliver outstanding service to your customers and, as a result, help increase profit for your business
  • Motivating and enthusing your employees is very important to us, and this goes a long way towards retaining them for longer
  • Whether it’s helping your business find new talent or training your employees to specifically meet the needs of your business, our learners are at the heart of everything our teams do
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For learners

  • Your employees have the opportunity to earn while they learn new skills
  • Paragon Skills are committed to making sure that you have the right learner, on the right programme, ensuring your current employees’ skills and knowledge are recognised, so they can build on their existing achievements
  • Everyone learns at their own pace and Paragon Skills will support and encourage them throughout the programme
  • By consistently recognising achievements from start to finish, colleagues feel motivated and work more effectively with more confidence in the workplace
  • Focusing on lifelong learning allows your colleagues to have a clear understanding of their potential career development and encourages them to keep on learning new skills that will benefit your business
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Register your interest in an apprenticeship

If you would like to be contacted by one of our team to discuss taking on an apprenticeship or upskilling your current team through apprenticeship, please complete the short form below and our colleague will be in touch.

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