Learner & Employer of the Month Awards

Our monthly learner and employer awards celebrate the fantastic work our apprentices do towards their learning and development, and our employer partners’ incredible efforts toward their employees’ apprenticeship journeys.

The awards are nominated and voted on by our Paragon Skills colleagues. Each month our winners will be featured here in our ‘Hall of Fame’ and in the next issue of our monthly ‘Employer Pulse’ newsletter.

Learner and Employer of the Month – March 2024

Angela Williams - Manchester International Beauty Academy LTD

Angela has been on the programme for almost two years, and over this time, she have had multiple tutors, been made redundant and dealt with other personal pressures and stresses; due to this felt she wouldn’t make it to Gateway. Over the last three months, she have worked extremely hard to overcome this and went into Gateway at the end of February, and feels really proud. Angela deserves to win learner of the month, as despite the challenges, she submitted quality assignments and always pushed herself in work and with her apprenticeship, and recently won the Shining Star award run by their employer.


Making Space

From celebrating the success of achievers to engaging new staff with the opportunities apprenticeships can bring, Making Space has firmly embedded Paragon Skills Apprenticeships across its workforce. Learners often move onto higher apprenticeships after achieving success and their new knowledge, skills and behaviours are showcased via their internal recognition events.


Learner and Employer of the Month – February 2024

Tahir Yasin - Easy Healthcare

This individual has been an outstanding learner from the beginning, showing a strong commitment to their course. Despite experiencing a significant setback due to a serious car accident, which resulted in a brain injury and subsequent challenges with information retention, they took a minimal break from learning and maintained their dedication to achieving their qualification. Their ability to persevere through such adversity is commendable. They have successfully completed their qualification within the expected timeframe. The determination and resilience they have shown in the face of such daunting personal challenges is truly inspiring, and it is with great pride that we celebrate their achievement.


Voyage Care

I am nominating this employer due to the manager’s commitment and involvement in the learners’ apprenticeships. Jayne is a fabulous manager to work in collaboration with. She always attends reviews for the learners, giving detailed feedback and sharing positivity. I really value how the manager plans activities each month for the learners for their off the job hours to ensure they are learning and meeting their targets. She will plan the development for the next month with the learner – for example, with one learner she has planned to teach them the end of month finances this month and then medication next month. She installs the importance of development and learning in each learner and they have her full support. For example, this month she encouraged a level 3 learner to do a shift leading shift by herself for the first time to support her development, but the manager changed her own shift to work the late shift to ensure she was there in case the learner needed any support. The learning at this workplace really feels encompasses the learner, myself as the PT and the manager, all working together to support the staff development.


Learner and Employer of the Month – January 2024

Amie Thomas - Priory Group

This learner lost their home during the floods last November and lost everything. When we met they were so upbeat and said at least their laptop was at work so, had that but was upset they lost the book purchased. This learner has completed all their work and always met with me as planned with enthusiasm, whilst trying to sort out somewhere to live and the mess in her house. They have Dyslexia and other conditions as well but their work is amazing and use their Blue screen to help them with reading and writing.


OneXtra Care Ltd

“We are very grateful to receive this award, which for us is a recognition of the efforts of all of our staff teams! Working with Paragon Skills those staff members are developing further to enhance the care we provide to our young people which is our ultimate goal!”
Warren Lewin | Director & Responsible Individual 

Previous Winners

Isabelle Gates - Elephant moon

The learner has made remarkable progress. Initially, they were significantly behind and faced challenges in completing their activities. However, they have completely turned things around and are now making rapid progress. Their determination to catch up and stay on track is evident, and they are eager to complete their qualification. Despite facing personal issues, the learner has taken ownership of their journey in recent months. It’s truly inspiring to witness their dedication, progress, and enthusiasm for achieving their goals.


Early Bird

This employer and their team are a prime example of what a great company looks like. Not only do they go above and beyond to support the people they care for – they also are so invested in the team and their development. this employer prides themselves on their values and also works crazy hard to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible in order to support their team members. This company were recent winners at the Care awards – showcasing their amazing talent and their dedication to what they do!


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