Learner & Employer of the Month Awards

Our monthly learner and employer awards celebrate the fantastic work our apprentices do towards their learning and development, and our employer partners’ incredible efforts toward their employees’ apprenticeship journeys.

The awards are nominated and voted on by our Paragon Skills colleagues. Each month our winners will be featured here in our ‘Hall of Fame’ and in the next issue of our monthly ‘Employer Pulse’ newsletter.

Ann Morton

Ann has dyslexia but has not let this hold her back, she is working towards FS and has attended many workshops to support her learning. Maths was a big barrier for her, but along with support from the workshops and the FS tutors she has passed her test first time!  Ann is 100% dedicated to her course and  keeps in regular contact with me with daily check in to ensure she is on track and to ask any questions. Ann really does work hard to meet her targets and is on track to complete by her due date.


Ray of Sunshine

This employer has been supporting his team of learners since they began working with us in 2022. They really understand the true value of apprenticeships and how you can influence and change lives – learners at Ray of Sunshine have progressed through the levels and now have 4 learners on a Level 5 showing their dedication to building a team of professionals within the care sector. 


Abigail Davies

This learner began their learner journey lacking confidence and nervous but in recent months I have seen a real growth in all qualities. Feedback from their employer is consistently positive and they never fail to deliver and make positive progress week in, week out. I feel that this learner deserves recognition for their ability to ‘Execute’ in line with our company values. Even at times when this learner doubts themselves, they demonstrate determination and initiative and this hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Magic Moments Childcare Ltd

As we are all aware, good communication and commitment is paramount in supporting positive learner journeys- this employer has several learners with us at Paragon and supporting the learners is a smooth process with this employer accommodating sessions, being responsive and supportive of my queries or concerns and I feel that they deserve recognition for embracing the opportunities for learners and encouraging success. This hasn’t gone unnoticed- many thanks


Learner and Employer of the Month – July 2023

Olabisi Omotunde - Westminster Homecare

This learner has completed their level 4 EPA with an outstanding observation plan, accompanied by high-quality resources. They are proposing service improvements that could greatly enhance the lives of vulnerable individuals with significant clinical care needs, who aspire to live independently in their own homes. Their preparation showcases compassion, courage, and commitment to supporting those often overlooked in domiciliary care. Their passion and drive to implement this new service provision is evident, and it highlights their competence and experience effectively, using this EPA observation to effect real changes in the service. Throughout the qualification, they have demonstrated a strong commitment to equality and inclusion. Their EPA plan exemplifies their deep understanding in this domain, emphasizing how their contributions can catalyze significant positive change.


Complete Childcare

This employer has worked with Paragon Skills for several years, building on the amount of learners they have with us year upon year. Their nurseries place value and emphasis on learning, providing support and development opportunities to ensure success. This employer utilises Paragon Skills’ offering, having L2-L5 enrolled with us. Apprenticeships provide career pathways within the organisation and they encourage staff to progress and climb the internal career ladder. This year they are providing new ways for staff to access qualifications using the commercial route, making learning accessible and achievable for all of their staff. Our contact at this employer is approachable and fast acting, creating solutions and making themsleves available to support whenever there has been concerns. It is a pleasure working with the employer.


Previous Winners

Charlotte Scotting - Voyage Care - Broadview

Having been transferred to Paragon Skills, One learner, has consistently submitted their work on time. While they were initially planning to be a timely achiever for May, the transfer necessitated an additional month. Nevertheless, we focused on the positive side and aimed to complete the new portfolio at the earliest possible opportunity.

Throughout this period, we maintained constant communication. As a Learning and Employment Tutor (LET), I was always committed to helping them succeed. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and we have always collaborated well. Whatever was needed to ensure a smooth transfer of learning, they accomplished without any difficulty.

they are an outstanding staff member and an exceptional learner. Despite the complexities of the transfer, they never allowed it to hinder their dedication to compiling an impressive portfolio of evidence. This portfolio not only showcases them as an extraordinary individual but also highlights their potential as a future leader.


JRH Support

We feel incredibly proud to receive the Employer of the Month award from Paragon Skills. It’s very important to us to be able to upskill our staff and provide them with opportunities for growth and personal development, and Paragon Skills have been great partners in this.

Praise must go to our managers who engage so well with their staff team and work in person-centred ways to ensure they provide the right support and encouragement to motivate and inspire their staff. We look forward to the future and the continued success of our apprentices.


We are rated as ‘excellent’