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Candour Conversations isn’t your average care industry podcast. Join Lee I’Anson as he interviews the industry’s leading professionals to bring you…

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Candour Conversations looks at the sector as a whole and addresses industry-specific news, advancements and concerns whilst highlighting the benefits of the modern apprenticeship in the workplace.

Join us as we launch our first episode…

Leadership Qualities in Care with Lisa Di-Fonzo.

Leaders and managers need the experience and ability to run a successful care business. This means understanding CQC standards; creating performance goals and clear lines of accountability; being proactive and making use of the whole team.

How do leaders build a strong team?

Today I am joined by Lisa Di-Fonzo, Quality Improvement Coordinator for Care at Paragon Skills, and talk about the Leadership Qualities Framework and how these principles can make a huge impact to the health and social care sector.

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