Invest in Your Future: Elevate Early Years Educator Level 3

If you’re passionate about making a meaningful impact on children’s lives and seeking a career filled with purpose, challenges, and the profound satisfaction of witnessing young people thrive, then the new Level 3 Elevate Early Years Educator apprenticeship with Paragon Skills is for you. This new apprenticeship course is designed in line with the new Early Years Educator apprenticeship standard and removal of the diploma requirement. This innovative programme offers more than just qualifications; it’s a transformative journey that unlocks your potential and empowers both you and the children you’ll support. 


Within early years and childcare, you will embark on a journey that is both extraordinary and fulfilling. Where you become an integral part of a child’s initial educational journey, moulding the very fabric of their future. Each day reveals new challenges and triumphs, yet in the middle of it all, there’s an undeniable sense of fulfillment witnessing the blossoming growth, learning, and development of children. 


Here’s why enrolling in our Early Years Educator Level 3 apprenticeship is an investment in your future: 


Nurture young minds and futures: Play a fundamental role in the lives of young children, guiding them through crucial developmental stages and laying the foundation for their futures. 


Acquire essential skills: Enhance sought-after skills such as effective communication, understanding cultural diversity, knowledge of child safeguarding, and implementing evidence-based teaching strategies. Become a well-rounded professional equipped to handle various situations in childcare settings. 


Enhance career prospects: With a Level 3 qualification, unlock doors to exciting opportunities in nurseries, preschools, and early years education centres. Your expertise will be highly valued in a field with growing demand. 


Enjoy a flexible learning experience: Our apprenticeship combines interactive online modules with hands-on workshops facilitated by industry experts. Engage in practical activities and connect with fellow apprentices to deepen your understanding. 


Personal and professional growth: Our apprenticeship isn’t just about work skills.  Develop the confidence, communication, and teamwork abilities that make you shine in any role.  Become a problem-solver who handles challenges with resilience and compassion. These are the skills that help you thrive in your early years career and make a positive impact on children’s lives. 


Create a meaningful impact: Every child you work with presents a unique opportunity to make a positive and lasting difference. Witness their growth and development, knowing you’ve played a vital role in shaping their early years. 


Employability and career prospects: what job roles are available for learners once they have completed the apprenticeship? 

  • Nursery Nurse 
  • Room leader 
  • Deputy manager 
  • Manager 
  • Childminder 
  • Nursery teaching assistant 
  • Before and afterschool clubs 

Stepping stone to: 

  • Family support officer 
  • Youth worker 
  • Local authority jobs with EY sector e.g. consultant 
  • Local and national charities. 


The Early Years Educator Level 3 apprenticeship isn’t just a job—it’s a vocation. It’s a chance to merge your passion for nurturing young minds with the opportunity to forge a fulfilling and meaningful career. Invest in your future, invest in the lives of children, and embark on an extraordinary journey with us today. 


Ready to learn more? Visit our website to explore the programme in detail, contact our dedicated team for personalised guidance, and unlock your potential to make a difference.

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